DOS/DDOS Protection IT Solutions

One crucial aspect of maintaining the strength of your company’s network security is protecting the network against DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.
A DDOS attack comes about when an individual or group attempts to prevent a website or web service, such as a network, from functioning – either temporarily or indefinitely. Successful DDOS attacks can be highly detrimental to the smooth operation and success of those businesses hugely reliant on such  web services – which is why, should your company rely heavily on a network, it is crucial that you avert the risk of such attacks through implementing high quality DDOS protection. Thankfully, here at Proxar IT Consulting, we can help you to draw on a comprehensive range of network security services, thus enabling you to spend more time conducting crucial business, and less time resolving the adverse consequences of successful DDOS attacks.

Proxar’s WAN/LAN Network Security Consultancy

You can adapt your network security for the task of repelling DDOS attacks through drawing on our Network Consultancy services, which intend to implement and migrate DDOS protection solutions. In achieving this end, we can draw on the DDOS protection services of two highly esteemed companies: Webscreen and Prolexic. A Webscreen appliance can use unique software to heuristically monitor the type, origin, flow, data rate, sequencing, style and protocol being used by all inbound and outbound traffic. This analysis is applied in real time, despite adjusting over time, and is almost completely non-latent. Prolexic, meanwhile, can help you to guard against DDOS attacks in many areas through providing a wide range of DDOS mitigation and monitoring services.

By using a global DDOS mitigation network, the largest of its type, Proxar IT Consulting is able to deploy Prolexic network security services to quickly and easily pursue DDOS prevention. Prolexic’s “in the cloud” service platform, makes it very easy for any company conducting business online can readily draw on Prolexic’s DDOS prevention and DDOS mitigation services without the need to spend money on special equipment or employing or training staff. Furthermore, Prolexic’s services are carrier-neutral, capable of protecting traffic and global applications, and are supported by a renowned service level agreement.

Ultimately, the network security solutions from both Webscreen and Prolexic can help to maintain the bandwidth, connectivity and usability of your networks for the people authorised to use them, whether they are public or private, thus lending you peace of mind that, in the event of a DDOS attack, your business will be better placed to continue operating without a hitch.

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