Cisco Network Security

As a client of Proxar IT Consulting, you can benefit from our use of Cisco Network Security Solutions to protect and maintain the integrity of your network. Network security solutions help to safeguard your network and data against external threats, preventing them from entering or spreading on your network. Such threats commonly include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, zero-day attacks, denial of service attacks, hacker attacks, identify theft and data interception. As invaluable as such a solution is, however, small and medium sized businesses can lack the resources to ensure that their own network security is as robust as it can possibly be in the face of today’s sophisticated threats.

That’s why so many companies request the Cisco network security services of Proxar IT Consulting. It’s important to remember that truly effective network security solutions consist of many different components, encompassing both hardware and software, as no one solution can protect your network from the variety of threats out there. Such components can include not only anti-virus and anti-spyware, but also a firewall to block unauthorised network access, intrusion prevention systems (IPS) that have the purpose of identifying rapidly-spreading threats like zero-day or zero-hour attacks and even Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that provide secure remote access.

We will ensure that all of the components of your own tailored Cisco network security solution actually work together, helping to minimise maintenance and enhance security. We’ll also assist in the constant management and updating of software to keep your network protected against emerging threats. The multiple levels of security that are provided by our Cisco network security solutions help to protect your network’s integrity, reliability, safety and usability. Even in the event of one level failing, others will still stand, meaning that you’ll have the ultimate peace of mind about the security of your network that all business owners require.

Our Cisco network security solutions don’t just provide you with peace of mind, however, as they also bring various business benefits, such as minimised business disruption and as a result, enhanced employee productivity. A Cisco network security solution from us also assists your company in complying with mandatory regulation, and helps to protect your customers’ data, which in turn reduces the risk of data theft and associated legal action. Such a system ultimately helps to safeguard one of your company’s most important assets of all: its reputation.

Cisco network security solutions from us encompass various key categories. These include the identification of network users, applications, services, hosts and resources, with the exact technologies that enable identification potentially including Kerberos, smart cards, digital certificates and one-time passwords. Other categories include Perimeter Security, which concerns the control of access to critical network applications, services and data, for which technology examples include access lists on routers and switches, virus scanners, firewalls and content filters.

Our Cisco network security solutions also incorporate Data Privacy and Security Monitoring features, with the former referring to the digital encryption technologies and protocols that are so integral to the protection of data, and the latter concerning monitoring tools and intrusion detection systems (IDS) that allow an entire network’s security status to be easily overseen. Policy Management is also a key aspect of Cisco network security, with the best policies balancing the imposition of security measures against the benefits in productivity that are brought by reduced security. Finally, Identity and Network Access Control are also vital to the right Cisco network security system, with the exchange of passwords being one form of authentication and digital signatures also being popular as a means of securely identifying a machine or individual.

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