Cisco IDS and IPS Solutions

As a network administrator, you must secure your business network communications and information. This means you need to invest in the very best security measures, such as Cisco IDS and IPS solutions. These are two of the most effective security tools from Cisco.

Cisco IDS and IPS Security Solutions From Proxar

The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) solution allow you to protect your business against a range of threats. These include Adaptive Persistent Threats (APTs), botnets, and targeted attacks. In addition to SQL injection attacks and malware that targets application and OS vulnerabilities.

Cisco IPS solutions come in various forms, including dedicated IPS appliances and integrated IPS services. In addition to hardware modules, for Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR). As well as Cisco Catalyst Switches or Cisco IOS software-based solutions for ISR routers.

Cisco IPS

The Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) specialises in the accurate identification and classification of malicious traffic. This includes things such as worms, adware, spyware, and network devices. As well as the abuse of applications, stopping them before there is any impact on business continuity.

As well as this, network administrators can use Cisco IPS solutions to ward off threats from multiple vectors. Examples of these include server, network and desktop endpoints. This is when the system closely inspects network traffic at Layers 2 through to 7 during the process. This will shield the network from vulnerability exploitations, policy violations and anomalous activity.

With a Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in place, you can be sure of the most resilient and scalable network solution. Because the system wide and unique security ecosystem employed by the IPS solution assesses and responds to threats. Features of this alliance include cross-solution feedback linkages, as well as multi vendor event correlation. In addition to common policy management, passive/active fingerprinting and attack path identification. And also, IPS collaboration is based on the Cisco Security Agent host.

Evolving Alongside Cyber Threats

Threats always vary, which is why the Cisco IPS solution responds by evolving and adapting, to remain ahead of the security landscape. Thus, the threat of both known and unknown attacks is mitigated.

The best solution for your network is one that saves time and resources. In addition to the assets and productivity of your organisation. This is why the Cisco IPS solution offers benefits such as anomaly detection and extensive behavioural analysis. As well as, rapid threat response techniques, and policy adjustments that ensure the maximum protection of your business infrastructure.

Another feature of an IPS solution is that it can load signature files. These are similar to antivirus software definitions, as they look for patterns based on past attacks.

Cisco IDS

The Cisco Intrusion Detection System (IDS), just like any other alarm system, is a physical device that alerts you when an attack occurs. However, like any other alarm system, it doesn’t combat the threat, or in this case, block the connection.

There are various advantages when you deploy the IDS system in promiscuous mode. This refers to placing the sensor where it is not in direct connection with the network. Yet, it’s still able to hear all network traffic. The benefits include no network impact, jitters, latency or impact on the network in the event of a sensor failing or being overloaded.

So, while the IDS system is restricted to alerting you about an attack, the IPS system can also block it.

Cisco IDS and IPS Solutions – Conclusion

The Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is one of the leading solutions of its type. It will protect your network against all manner of sophisticated threats. And it’s also capable of helping your organisation meet regulatory requirements. Other features of the IPS system include simplified management options. This includes the easy to use and powerful IPS Manager Express, and other advanced features. Combined with the constant updates from Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO), an IPS solution is a powerful way to protect yourself against network security threats.

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