IT Procurement

As a result of high demand through our hardware supply website – Data Centre Shop – we have created a dedicated team who deal with all IT procurement enquiries in a quick and responsive manner. Our Procurement service is split into two categories: 

  • Equipment (including: Servers, Routers, Firewalls, Switches, Wireless Access Points, SANs, Load Balancers, interfaces and modules to Laptops and Desktops) 
  • Services and software (including: Microsoft Licensing, Office 365 Licensing, Cisco Licensing, Kemp Virtual products and VMWare products) 

Proxar IT Consulting provide efficient IT Procurement services, we are partners with number of leading hardware and software vendors including, but not limited to Microsoft, Cisco, F5, Kemp, Avast, Sophos, Symantec, Dell, HP, Lenovo.  Being Gold Microsoft Partners as well as Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), this enables us to provide new and existing clients with great rates for purchases.  

In addition to our IT procurement service, we also have dedicated teams who can help our clients to install and configure the chosen equipment in the cloud, at the office or in the private cloud/data centre.

Do you offer IT consultancy services or setup? 

Proxar IT Consulting have a number of IT Consultants who can provide professional advice as well as recommendations in many aspects for your business.  Not only do we offer IT consultancy, we also have a team who can implement the various designs of the networks and systems following our client’s instructions as well as industry standards for architecture and security. For more information please visit out consulting services


How does Proxar IT Consulting’s IT Procurement service work?

(i). We request that IT Procurement enquiries are submitted via Email to and contain the basic information in order for us to obtain pricing which include: 

Procurement Type: 
Equipment Licenses/subscriptions 
Make & Model Vendor 
Quantity Description 
Contact information Quantity 
Required by date Contact information 
If you require Proxar to setup Required by date 

(ii). Once our Procurement team have received the information, they will speak to the relevant vendors to obtain the best possible price and will verify if the date required by is provisionally achievable or not.  

(iii). Our procurement team will provide an official quote and ithe quote is accepted:
All new clients: Payment will be required in full and will need to have cleared before our team will place an order with the relevant vendor(s)
Returning clients: Subject to the credit score, which we check on regular basis, the accounts team may approve a credit facility. If our client doesn’t have a credit facility, the payments will be required in full and will need to have cleared before the item will be purchasedHowever in some circumstances the amount is under £5,000.00 and you have placed number of orders with Proxar our accounts team (which can be review on a case by case basis) has the potential of setting up a 30 day credit facilities and all we will require is a PO to proceedThis is of course subject to building up history with Proxar IT Consulting and also the amounts being spent.   

(iv). Once the accounts team has approved the order, our IT Procurement team will proceed with the purchase and will email confirmation to our clientIn addition, if there are going to be any unforeseen delays with the purchase the IT Procurement Team will also keep you updated of this too 

(v). If the purchase is being delivered directly to Proxar IT Consulting due to setups required or us delivering directly to you we will notify you when it has arrived with us.  Otherwise, the item should arrive directly with you 

For more information on our IT Procurement Services, please contact us