IT Support and Services in London

With its office in central London, Proxar IT Support – a trading name of Proxar Ltd – is well-placed to provide comprehensive IT support services to clients in the capital. London has a great number of small to medium sized companies with often complicated IT support requirements, but the engineers of Proxar IT Support have the specialised knowhow and experience to meet those needs with aplomb.

With an office located in central London and also the outskirts in Sevenoaks Kent, Proxar IT is well positioned to provide you with a great and comprehensive IT support service to businesses located both north and south London and not just the city centre, giving you that confidence that we are never far away should you need us.  
London has a great number of small to medium sized companies with often complicated IT support requirements, however our certified engineers at Proxar IT have the skills and experience with both new and old technologies which is essential in order to support any business.

Proxar specialise in installations, configurations and troubleshooting solutions – so rest assured that your business will be looked after in the best possible way.  We are committed to providing you with the best possible service to ensure optimum performance, stability and scalability.  Our UK manned IT support help desk are here to help whether you require user/desktop/server support, to networking issues or procurement requests, all the way through to consultancy services and implementation.

Working from Home 

It has now become part of everyday life and is currently on the rise for businesses to have employees working from home or remotely from almost any location outside of the office.  The benefits of providing this service as part of daily working can provide endless advantages not only to your business but also employees.  Our team can guide you on how to achieve this in the most efficient way possible taking into consideration business needs.  In addition, we include this support service as part of our Gold and Platinum support packages as standard meaning that should there be any issues when working from home our team is here to help.  For more information please click here.

Networking London 

Proxar IT has been established for over 10 years and have been responsible for designing and building hundreds of networks over the years to not only businesses based in the UK but also globally.  Not only does our networking team design and build, we also provide an IT network support service which provides regular patching as well as configuration changes to ensure that your network(s) are working with your business adhering to not only best practices but also security compliancy.  We can provide monitoring services giving you that piece of mind that should something go wrong we will know about it as soon as it happens to ensure your network(s) keep running leading to no severe unwarranted outages.  

Desktop Support 

For those small to medium sized companies looking for a good standard of IT desktop support in London, whether you’re a 20 user business to 500, we are confident that you will benefit immensely from Proxar IT’s tailored IT support in central London. In fact, so much so that we don’t tie our clients into those typical long term contract agreements, instead we provide a rolling 30 day contract giving you that assurance that our team will supply you with the best possible service. 
Proxar IT offer 3 support packages all entailing different business features which are frequently needed on a daily basis. Our support help desk assist users experiencing all types of issues ranging from hardware related problems and managing warranty replacements, to software installations and upgrades all the way through to troubleshooting problems with profiles, configuration, liaising with 3rd party software vendors or just general errors with day-to-day functionality and connectivity.   
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Server Support  

For many businesses, should an outage occur we understand that time is money.  This is why we take a proactive approach rather than a reactive one in ensuring functionality and stability is key. 
Just like our desktop support, we provide a 3 tier support package for Servers which can be taken as just Server support or a tailored support package which incorporates users/desktops/network devices and the whole infrastructure.  It doesn’t matter how many servers you have nor if they are physical or virtual, our team can give your business the support that you deserve. 

Within our team we have fully certified Microsoft and RedHat/Linux engineers giving us that edge advantage of being able to provide support no matter which operating system your business may use.  In addition, we provide a multitude of different hosting services which can be hosted from different data centres and depending on your requirements can be made resilient too for Disaster Recovery (DR) planning.  We also provide IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) should your business be looking to move away from Capex expenditure to Opex, or maybe if you are just looking to utilise some additional further resources for development/testing purposes but have insufficient within your own infrastructure? 
Because we specialise in Server support, providing consultancy services within this field is a daily occurrence for our team.  We pride ourselves on our experts having not only guided hundreds of customers in and around London with strategic planning on how to get more from your infrastructure but have also been requested to implemented many of these solutions off the back of our consulting.  Please be reassured by our considerable knowledge and experience and active Gold Microsoft Partnership aside with RedHat competencies we have the team for you. 

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