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Bespoke applications are common in organisations in a wide range of industries, with many firms turning to them in the absence of ‘off-the-shelf’ alternatives. However, problems are caused when an organisation has custom or bespoke applications that can no longer be supported by the developer or vendor, especially when those applications are critical to the running of the business. Internal software application management is a financial and time burden to any firm that is not a software house, and yet may be greatly needed. That is why you may instead opt to outsource your bespoke application support to a specialist company like Proxar IT Support. We can not only extend the functionality and longevity of your application, but also save you a significant amount of money each month.

Of course, bespoke applications offer many benefits, being designed with the needs of your organisation in mind. They can be customised and tuned to cater for even more specific needs that may arise over time, which allows your organisation to have a fully integrated IT infrastructure that delivers a performance that might not even be feasible with packaged software. The flexibility and custom nature of bespoke applications can give you a significant business advantage over the competition. Here at Proxar IT Support, we liaise with companies that develop bespoke applications that are agile, not only being tailored to your exact business requirements but also able to grow as your organisation does.

There is a wide range of business activities that could be made easier by a piece of software, but you may not be satisfied by the packaged software that is already on the market. It may be the case that you already have certain manufacturing, accounting or database software that just lacks a certain feature or two that you badly need, in which case it can be adapted by our bespoke application support professionals to better suit your requirements. Enlisting bespoke application support in this way could be greatly less expensive than any packaged solution that does eventually emerge, and of course, it also saves you having to wait for one to be released. The considerable experience of our bespoke application support team means that you can depend on Proxar IT Support to maintain software for you that helps your business to work more cost-effectively, rapidly and accurately.

From the moment you first get in touch with us, we will carefully assess your current system’s specifications and performance, related to the workings of your business. This will allow us to develop an understanding of your business that is vital to providing the best possible bespoke application support, as we consider whether your existing application can be adapted to a new requirement or platform. Finally, you can also depend on us to provide you with on-going bespoke application support, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, on-site or remotely, on an ‘ad hoc’ basis or as part of a longer-term contractual arrangement. Such bespoke application support can include regular performance audits to determine whether any adjustments to the software are needed with the continued growth of your business.

Our bespoke application support services cater for every aspect of your custom software, encompassing not only the adaptation of existing applications to new needs, but also the creation of new bespoke applications from scratch. The right bespoke application support can play a key role in streamlining your business processes, enhancing performance and reducing costs, as well as ensuring that your applications remain flexible and up-to-date. Bespoke application support from Proxar IT Support helps to keep your company at the forefront of its industry, not least as it frees up time for your in-house IT support team and other staff alike to focus more of their energies on the core business.

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