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Every business owner is likely to worry from time to time about the standard of their IT security, and if you are to keep your Linux system secure, then you'll need to know how it can be configured and managed. With Linux security management from Proxar IT Consulting, you can be sure that your Linux system is secure on multiple levels, protected against attacks and preventable points of failure. We can create a custom Linux security plan that caters for the security requirements of your specific Linux hosting environment, and also proactively provide security upgrades to ensure the system's continued security and freedom from vulnerabilities.

By contacting Proxar IT Consulting about our Linux security management service, you can benefit from a set of actions that is designed to keep your Linux system continually secure and up-to-date. You cannot maintain system security without also having a good patch policy, however, which is why it is an integral part of our service. By having these patches periodically applied, you can rest easy that even the most recently discovered security problems have been rapidly addressed. Our complete range of Linux security management services includes server hardening, security audits and incident recovery services, all designed to ensure that hackers and spammers are kept well away from your Linux servers.

Our server hardening services consist of a security assessment with the Nessus security scanner, followed by a review of the security scan results and subsequent adjustments to your system from its default configuration. We also offer automatic security upgrades as part of this service. We also bring you comprehensive email protection, incorporating services in anti-virus, anti-spam, email continuity and content spam, so that you are cost-effectively covered against email-based threats. Our Linux security management services also encompass vulnerability scanning that allows you to keep on top of the latest exploits that surface on a daily basis. We can keep a continuous vigilant watch on your systems so that the risk of a security lapse is mitigated and hardening measures regularly taken.

Security breach assistance from us helps you out in case of a hacking, with the compromised system being investigated and a course of action recommended that places the emphasis on the swift and safe reactivation of your IT services. Protection is also on offer for your web application, with exploits in this area now being the greatest threat to IT operations. Such potential threats include XSS, command execution and SQL injection, with the right web application firewall mitigating them. A firewall that has been properly configured has an integral role to play in mitigating risks and reducing the impact of intrusions, which is why we help you to deploy and configure a firewall protection strategy that is truly comprehensive. Finally, our server maintenance services cover the basics of good security, ensuring the correct and quick application of security patches.

Contact Proxar IT Consulting right now to find out more about our in-depth Linux security management expertise and to see how we can use it to assist your own organisation.