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Information is the lifeblood of many businesses today, and increasingly this is housed in specialised datacentres, designed to provide the networking, cooling and security requirements of the modern enterprise. In particular, there are certain businesses in the likes of the financial and banking sectors that are involved in time-sensitive online operations, and that therefore require database equipment that delivers the very best reliability and performance. Such businesses therefore require top-level database switches that focus on infrastructure scalability, operational continuity and transport flexibility.

Four years ago, Cisco launched a new range of datacentre switches, the Nexus series, which were designed with the modern datacentre in mind. Cisco Nexus represents a break from the Catalyst 6500 series that has been the mainstay of Cisco’s offerings for datacentre users for over ten years. Cisco now positions the 6500 series as campus switches. The Nexus comes with a host of advanced features, many unique to the Cisco platform, and provides a path to the latest in Ethernet switching speeds of 100Gb. Nexus also comes with a new configuration language and operating system, NX-OS, expertise in which is required to fully unlock the potential of the platform.

Advanced features of Cisco Nexus Switches

One stand out feature of the Nexus 7000 series switch is Overlay Transport Virtualisation (OTV), a datacentre connectivity solution that enables the safe and reliable spanning of Layer two networks across multiple sites. Whilst it’s possible to span Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) across sites using methods such as L2TP tunnels or MPLS, there are considerable costs, risks and disadvantages to traditional approaches. OTV takes a different route, and Proxar IT Consulting can help with the design and implementation of an OTV enabled multi-centre strategy.

OTV is not the only benefit of adopting Cisco Nexus series switches, as there are a host of other advanced features. Nexus brings with it such possibilities as Converged Enhanced Ethernet (or Datacentre Ethernet, which is an enabler for Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE)), 40 and 100 Gb Ethernet speeds, Layer 2 Multi Pathing (using the TRILL standard) and the Cisco extension to this, FabricPath. Proxar IT Consulting is ready to help you reduce costs and improve performance by the correct application of these new possibilities, where appropriate for your business and datacentre requirements.

Cisco Nexus Consultancy

Proxar IT Consulting can provide specialist, qualified and experienced consultants for existing and greenfield Cisco Nexus deployments. Although Nexus is the preferred datacentre technology from Cisco, it can be challenging to find qualified engineering resources to design and deploy it. Proxar IT Consulting’s engineers have hands-on experience with the hardware and its features, as well as the NX-OS operating system, which makes us the ideal choice of firm to implement your Nexus deployment.

Nexus Support and Management

Nexus and NX-OS may represent a best-in-class combination of hardware and features, but that does not mean that support and management is not still required, with routine moves, additions and changes needing to be implemented, new services deployed and/or problems debugged. Proxar IT Consulting has expert engineers that are capable of providing the 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) that an always-available network requires. Our support offering is distinguished from the rest by a combination of proactive monitoring, UK based staff and a high level of expertise. We are capable of providing the specialist monitoring, maintenance and support that Cisco Nexus requires.

The Nexus platform provides a host of new features and functionality, accessed through the NX-OS operating system and interface. Managing this can be unfamiliar for network engineers that are more familiar with the IOS and CatOS interfaces Cisco that have previously used on their switches. NX-OS is an evolution not from the Catalyst software, but from the SAN-OS code on MDS class equipment. Proxar IT Consulting has the management skills around the NX-OS software to ensure maximum benefit from an investment in the Nexus platform, and ensure features are implemented reliably and correctly, first time.

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