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Our Experience of providing Data Centre Network Design Solutions in London, Kent and throughout the UK, to customers in a whole variety of different industries, has taught us that each business policy and approach to information technology infrastructure differs tremendously and therefore one solution does NOT suit all.

We therefore invest time auditing your environment and gathering a full, detailed list of your expectations before considering change. Using information gleaned we simplify the design and implementation stages, adjusting hardware and software technology choice accordingly. This ensures a versatile, reliable and adaptable platform for your information systems that to cope with changing business priorities. This process is vital in enabling us to meet your expectations.

Consider us as your technology partner, working with you to ensure you remain competitive using rapidly emerging technologies. Our experience has enabled us to develop several in-house IT solutions, including:

  • IT Network Design,
  • Cisco Consulting,
  • Network Upgrades and Migrations,
  • Bespoke Network Monitoring Platforms,
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consulting,
  • Green IT Design and Network Security Solutions (internal data centre security compliant with PCI DSS and DDOS protection).

Each IT solution we introduce is also flexible and robust, so we can align it with your standards and policies and this has garnered extremely positive client feedback.

We can provide a full range of IT solutions in London or in the UK for every aspect of your business. Using our knowledge and experience spread across a broad area of IT services, we can ensure you invest in the right technology for your business, allow new ways of working or create competitive advantage, call us for some free advice.

We can help you get the best value out of your IT solutions spend.

With our IT Strategy, IT Project Management and Fixed Fee IT Consulting all projects will be done within agreed time and set resources.

Proxar’s IT Solutions:

  • Fixed Fee IT Consulting – For access to highly-skilled project managers, representatives and engineers with a predefined fee and finish projects within agreed time, Proxar is your number one choice.
  • IT Network Design – By looking at productivity and availability we can establish the effectiveness of your network design. We can review or build new network infrastructure to ensure needs are fulfilled;
  • Network Upgrades and Migrations – Constant improvement and network upgrades are essential aspects of  IT solutions. Use Proxar if your business requires design, implementation or support with network infrastructure;
  • Green IT Design - Proxar is able to implement modern, energy efficient servers, which require less energy, are far more powerful and have minimal or no environmental impact;
  • IT Project Management Solutions – You tell us about your needs and resources and we will plan, organise and manage them to achieve those objectives with agreed start and end date;
  • Network Security Solutions – Protecting your business against viruses, information theft and other malicious software will help keep employees productive and protect customer’s data
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consulting – Proxar is capable of supporting any hardware architecture and can help you resolve technology difficulties from creating the architecture to deployment of your system;
  • IT Strategy – We help you maximize use of Information Technology to improve business results, increase network performance and IT efficiency and effectiveness. With this in mind needs of our customers are always meet.

Fixed Fee IT Consulting

Clients understand risks related to signing a contract with an external IT consulting company. Average contract is open ended and doesn’t clearly define what will be achieved as a result of the work undertaken. Projects may last for years contrary to an initial estimate which was defined for a few months.
Most of the projects can be assessed in respect to resources and time needed to accomplish them. Our IT Solutions clearly define what we can do for you, how many resources will be required and the exact deadline as for when the project is going to be completed. As a Cisco and RedHat Certified Partner we follow the best practices in network design, ITIL v3 guidelines, along with your internal policies including change control and network security aspects.

Data Centre Network Design Solutions in London and the UK

Network design process can become complex and difficult to accomplish. To succeed, Proxar IT Consulting utilises rules of ITIL v3 and Cisco’s Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA). Considering the complexities of data centre networks, it is necessary to use architectures and methodologies during the network design in order to achieve business goals. ITIL has globally become the most common approach for IT Service Management. It provides a practical, sensible framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT Services and IT Solutions to any public or private organisation. Cisco’s Intelligent Information Network (IIN) framework and Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA) align business priorities with IT Resources. The Cisco Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimize (PPDIOO) life cycle of a data centre network describes a continuous cycle of phases. Each and every phase consists of key steps in successful network planning, design, implementation, and operation. The needs of network applications are met by the top-down design approach to network design.

Network Upgrades and Migrations It Solutions Across The UK

Capacity planning is an important aspect of network management. Proper use of capacity planning combined with use of network monitoring tools can become a base for further decisions towards data centre network.
Depending on the age of equipment, requirements from the business for the following months or years and utilisation of various devices on a network it might be a beneficial decision to extend or upgrade a part of the current network as oppose to building a new one. Proxar’s  IT Solutions UK can quickly fulfil your needs, by implementing upgrades and/or extensions to the current data centre network design.

Green IT Data Centre Network Design

In the data centre network design industry, the data centre power usage has become one of the most important factors affecting on-going charges. As a professional IT Consulting company adhering to Green IT best practices, we design data centre networks with efficiency in mind, effectively reducing the expenses of running data centre. We have reduced power usage by 60% through the rebuilding of a client’s Data Centre network. At the same time we have reduced server numbers and rack space by over 40%. New designs utilise modern, stable technologies which allow us to improve capacity of network devices, Red Hat systems and java based application by over 50%.
One of the most important areas where power reductions can be made, are servers. An inefficient HP Proliant DL360 G5 server which was available on the market up till end of 2009 consumes nearly 3 times more power than the Dell R710 server with redundant efficient power supplies. In addition a new server introduces capacity improvement of up to 250% as compared to HP DL360 G5. Benefits of Green IT Data Centre Network Design were described in one of our articles in news section: Green IT Data Centre - Reduce Costs, Increase Capacity.

IT Project Management Solutions and IT Strategy in London

Effectively, Project Delivery is Fixed Fee IT Consulting incorporating IT Project Management. Proxar take into consideration the scope, budget and time of every single project. Then, to meet these pre-defined objectives we will allocate the necessary resources and technical expertise to provide the best information technology solution to your business.

Network Security IT Solutions UK

Network Security refers to a broad range of subjects related to protecting networks from various treats. Encryption, firewalls, DDOS protection, supported and specialised Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance services are just some of the security measures that can be implemented within a data centre network.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consulting

We are able to support any hardware architecture while providing full control and scalability to your network. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consulting can resolve technology difficulties and help you make the most of your new system. RHEL can provide stability and flexibility in Data Centre Network Design.
No matter the nature of your business, the size of your corporation or the scope of your information technology requirements, Proxar IT Consulting offers the expertise and resources to empower IT solutions enabling your business to communicate, compete and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Professional IT Solutions London, UK and Kent - Proxar IT Consulting.