The ultimate ecommerce secure hosting from Proxar IT Consulting

Any business that accepts payment cards cannot ignore the obligation to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard, which helps to ensure the confidentiality of customers' data. Certainly, it's one extra factor to consider when you are looking for ecommerce hosting for your own business, and one more reason why Proxar IT Consulting is the right firm to turn to for that secure hosting.

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Cisco consulting Services in London and Kent

Proxar: a leading provider of Cisco consulting services in London and Kent

It still seems only a short time ago, when even medium to large organisations only needed a fairly rudimentary network. Today, the situation is drastically different for any firm that wishes to be truly productive and competitive, with Cisco networking products so often at the forefront. At the same time, the need has arisen across the South East of England for related support services, with Proxar IT Consulting responding in kind, now being a leading specialist in Cisco consulting London.

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Local Cisco consulting

The peace of mind of using truly local Cisco consulting services

When you are looking to enter a relationship with an IT support company, you won't want that company to be detached from your exact requirements - instead, you'll want it to build its services around them. Similarly, many medium to large firms are reassured by their IT support partner being local, with engineers who are constantly available and able to visit the client's premises in person, if required. Certainly, the situation is no different with local Cisco consulting.

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Proxar IT Consulting: an invaluable source of local Cisco support

The networking giant Cisco has long ensured that businesses of all sizes benefit from the quickest and most functional network infrastructure, with its products ranging from routers and switches to access points and accessories. But even the most renowned infrastructure can encounter technical problems, and if your firm finds itself in need of Cisco support Sevenoaks, Edenbridge, Tonbridge or Ashford, it will need that support to be all-encompassing and reliable. 

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Cisco Support Services in London and Kent

Across London and Kent, there are medium to large companies dependent on the products and services of Cisco, from switches, routers, accessories and access points to servers, application networking services, interfaces and modules - with any compromise in performance and uptime causing disproportionate damage to day-to-day productivity.

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PCI DSS Compliant Data Centre Hosting

Over the last few years Proxar IT Consulting assisted number of companies in getting PCI DSS certified. We understand that it might be a time consuming and costly exercise and therefore we have prepared a set of procedures and guidelines related to network design, system configuration and general network security which we follow in our data centre infrastructure.

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Benefits of IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Among the benefits of our IT Outsourcing and Managed Services you can find efficiency, security and quick response time. What many companies don’t realise is that setting up a team that will manage the data centre network is not only related to hiring the right staff. It also consists of setting up a proper Network Operations Centre with numerous procedures, policies and facilities like monitoring, 24/7 technical support with a helpdesk and reporting just to name a few.

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New website –

Most of the data centre projects require a partial or full hardware upgrade and although we may be involved in the procurement phase of a project, we don’t necessarily deliver the equipment.

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Cisco Nexus Switches Consultancy

Cisco Nexus Switches are used by number of businesses that require the highest level of performance and reliability. Cisco Nexus are top level switches mostly for financial services and banking sectors where online operations like trading are time sensitive. They are the best solution for mission-critical data centres.

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Increased need for Red Hat Consulting

Red Hat has maintained their position as a world leader of open source technology by providing quality, reliable and constantly evolving software.  As it is high technology, it requires certain level of expertise and experience to design, build and support Red Hat systems.

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