Why Us?

Proxar IT Consulting’s ethos of delivering stable and secure technology, on time, within budget has become ingrained within our organisation and defines the approach we take to IT delivery for all sectors of industry.

Our goal is to provide effective and reliable IT systems that require the minimum of support and maintenance. We achieve this by structured and thorough planning, design, and implementation phases. Proxar IT Consulting’s focused designs enable you to build entire infrastructures that are power efficient, scalable, reliable and economical.

We follow results-driven project management methods and we conform to the ITIL framework of best practices to help deliver high quality services. We support and deliver single and multi-vendor networking solutions to the highest standard, including the preparation of UNIX/Linux operating systems, virtualisation and security enhancements and clustering solutions.  Proxar IT Consulting’s open-source software monitoring platform integrates within existing IT infrastructure or we can configure, integrate and maintain a client’s own monitoring platform.

In addition, along with a high technically skilled team, we ensure that you get the very best systems to keep their businesses ahead.

We have worked with well known public and private companies such as the NHS, Lastminute.com, IPC Media, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Gamesys.

We are currently working on numerous projects such as:

  • Data Centre migration to an updated facility with minimal down-time resulting in significant savings in power and operating expenses.
  • Upgrade and consolidation of a 1,600 server web infrastructure delivering a significant reduction in base operating budgets.
  • Implementation of Content Delivery Network (CDN) and caching technologies giving performance and availability improvements which increased capacity by 80%.
  • Design and implementation of a green-field data centre solution using energy efficient hardware delivering enhanced operational performance.
  • Installation of a network monitoring platform and provision of network troubleshooting services.


Efficiency, Quality and Reliability - London, UK - Proxar IT Consulting.