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SELinux stands for Security-enhanced Linux and it’s a very strong, kernel-level security layer. It provides good control over user and processes access to the resources and which programs can be executed on a system. The SELinux consulting and management professionals at Proxar IT Consulting can help your business with implementation, troubleshooting and management of SELinux.

SELinux is absolutely vital to ensuring the security of your system, helping to protect your firm’s intellectual property against online attacks, malice or staff mistakes. Much like a firewall, having it is a “must do” from a business perspective, with its power, flexibility and effectiveness all being invaluable to organisations. However, frustration and interruption to provided services can result from the wrong configuration and insufficient technical understanding. SELinux helps to mitigate the damage of a found exploit by restricting file and process access and affect, even by processes that would otherwise be allowed. Even among system administrators, it effectively assists in the segregation of access to data.

Proxar IT Consulting specialises in the highest standard of SELinux consulting and management. We have all-encompassing expertise in the creation and running of Linux infrastructure, and can provide strategic IT consultancy, helping you to identify your strategic aims before solutions are proposed by us – on the basis of our past experience – that, if implemented, could help you to achieve these aims. We can also help and train your in-house IT team when it comes to the final implementation of SELinux. It’s also possible that you have problems with your SELinux system, from time to time, that require troubleshooting, not least given that the exact problem could be something more intermittent and complex than something simply ‘not working’. We can put in place suitable metrics for diagnosis of the issue, before using these to pinpoint the fault itself.

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