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Red Hat Enterprise Linux has become something of a global standard of enterprise platform, for those companies that require a stable, reliable and flexible data centre infrastructure design. It is also designed to be highly scalable, with a seven year update and support lifecycle that you have the option of extending to ten years. Nonetheless, maintaining and upgrading your existing multi-server Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure platform can be challenging, particularly if previous upgrades have not been performed and your data centre is now therefore a number of revisions out of date. Another potential problem with large Red Hat infrastructures that consist of numerous servers is that without a configuration management system, it can be difficult to rollout upgrades easily and consistently on a regular basis. It can also sometimes be difficult to resource this work with existing staff, as upgrades can take considerable time and planning to complete.

We audit existing RHEL 6.0 implementations...

As part of our full range of Red Hat services, Proxar IT Consulting can audit your existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure and provide a detailed report with our recommendations for the most appropriate Red Hat upgrade solution. The changes that are implemented within some upgrades may affect your web application, which is why we have RHEL 6.0 certified engineers that can give advice to your development teams as to any significant changes that may require investigation within your applications.

...and can also perform a Red Hat upgrade

Proxar’s Red Hat 6 certified engineers have extensive experience of performing regular and one-off upgrades, including:

  • Critical Functionality & Security patches (e.g.  version 5.2.1 to 5.2.2), which would normally be patches to existing functionality, as well as critical security patches
  • Minor Release (e.g. version 5.2 to 5.3), which would normally be a combination of patches to existing functionality, security patches and some new functionality
  • Major Release (e.g. version 5 to 6), which would normally be a complete new release of the operating system that may not be entirely backwards compatible with the previous release.

We can plan and implement RHEL 6.0 upgrades in a controlled and consistent manner, with no or only minimal impact on the service that is being offered by your infrastructure.

Maintain regular Red Hat 6 upgrades with us

Proxar IT Consulting can implement and, if required, maintain an RHEL 6.0 management service to ensure that all future upgrades are performed regularly and consistently across your infrastructure. Although Red Hat 6 is highly scalable and diverse, with early implementations usually being easy to manage and maintain, it can become more complex and labour intensive to adequately run more than four servers. This is where our RHEL 6.0 management services can be so invaluable, as they can assist your growing company to ensure that it can cope with a similarly expanding Red Hat 6 platform.


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