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If your company makes use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, then you’ll want to make sure that your infrastructure platform benefits from the highest standard of security, particularly where it supports web-based service. The good news, of course, is that Red Hat technologies are already a top choice when it comes to ensuring that your computing infrastructure is protected and meets compliance regulations. Nonetheless, our experts here at Proxar IT Consulting can provide a full security audit of your Red Hat installation for maximum peace of mind, in addition to consultancy and implementation services. We have extensive experience in consulting, configuration and implementation of a range of security hardening methods for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including mod_security and SELinux.

Turn to Proxar IT Consulting for Red Hat security audits

Proxar can audit your existing Red Hat based infrastructure, provide a detailed report on the current level of your Red Hat security measures and recommend appropriate improvements. We will work to ensure that the infrastructure of your online business is safe from intrusion, as well as that it offers the highest standard of protection for your customers’ data. With so many companies generally becoming more dynamic and with so many employees locally and remotely accessing critical company IT resources on a more regular basis, it’s vital that you choose a firm such as Proxar to audit your infrastructure so that you can be proactive in the evolution of your firm’s Red Hat security needs, rather than only getting in touch with us once an unauthorised intrusion has taken place.

We are also specialists in Red Hat security configuration and implementation

We offer consulting services that make it possible for you to implement and configure strong Red Hat security functions such as mod_security, SELinux and apache security into your existing infrastructure. Mod_security is a web application firewall (WAF) that combines protection for your web applications from various attacks with HTTP traffic monitoring and real-time analysis. It does not provide very much protection on its own, instead needing to be configured with rules. SELinux, meanwhile, or Security-Enhanced Linux, is a feature of Linux that supplies a mechanism for the support of access control security policies, such as mandatory access controls. Nearly any system can be broken into by an attacker if they have sufficient time, motivation and resources, and even the use of all of the security hardening technologies and procedures currently available can never completely guarantee that your systems will not experience an unauthorised intrusion. Nonetheless, of the factors that dictate the success of these technologies, one of them is the expertise of the staff members that configure, monitor and maintain them.  We also have extensive experience of improving the security of Red Hat operating systems, as well as apache httpd, which is the software component of Red Hat.


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