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Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a diverse and very scalable open source operating system that is primarily implemented for web platforms. Indeed, this scalability and lack of complexity also usually makes early implementations of the platform, consisting of just 1-4 servers, easy to manage and maintain. As these services grow and the platform is scaled up, however, it can become increasingly complex and labour intensive to manage and maintain the growing number of servers that run RHEL - unless, of course, you have the appropriate configuration management tools. Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we can provide you with consultancy services to help you to address these issues with your data centre. The end result is a configuration management system that ensures that your RHEL platform can scale with your business growth.

Successfully manage Red Hat updates and upgrades, with Red Hat RHN

Proxar IT Consulting offers a consultancy service for the implementation and, where required, management of Red Hat’s systems management software, Red Hat Network Satellite. RHN Satellite, as it is otherwise known, is easy-to-use systems management software that is designed for your growing RHEL infrastructure and that provides capabilities for the management, provisioning and monitoring of multi-server RHEL deployments. Red Hat Satellite is a secure, single and centralised management system that reduces the complexity of managing multi-server infrastructures. It also reduces management costs, groups systems together for easier administration, automates manual tasks and ensures that security fixes and configuration files are applied, updated and upgraded across your infrastructure consistently. We can offer RHN Satellite training to your existing staff as part of our highly rated implementation service.

More about our Chef and Puppet configuration management services

Although RHN Satellite will serve you well if you only require a certain level of automation for your infrastructure platform, it does not provide end-to-end configuration management. Indeed, if you want to make the most of all of the possibilities of configuration management, our highly experienced and capable engineers can design and implement one of the leading Red Hat compatible configuration management systems, such as Chef or Puppet. These systems are considerably more complex than RHN Satellite, and your technical teams will need to be involved closely and trained accordingly, whether in Chef or Puppet management, before the implementation is completed. Chef, for example, is highly flexible, giving you the option to manage your servers by writing code, rather than running commands, as well as to allowing you to easily configure applications that need to know about your infrastructure. You can use Chef to create clones of pre-production environments, QA environments and more, and once you have automated it, you have a blueprint for your infrastructure that allows you to shorten the building and rebuilding time from weeks or months to minutes or hours. Puppet, meanwhile, has a central configuration via which administrative tasks, such as installing packages or adding users, can be easily performed. It is particularly invaluable when you need to scale your systems or recover rapidly from hardware failure.


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