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If you require centralised identity/policy/authorisation software, then you may be interested in Red Hat Enterprise Linux IPA, which allows you to create identity stores, centralised authentication, domain control for DNS and Kerberos services and authorisation policies – each on Linux systems, with the use of native Linux tools. Red Hat Identity Management is one of the few the identity/policy/authorisation software options that offer support for Linux/Unix domains.

Red Hat Identity Management provides a unifying skin for common, standards-defined network services such as LDAP, PAM, DNS, NTP, Kerberos and certificate services, in addition to making it possible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems to function as the domain controllers. Red Hat Identity Management is responsible for defining a domain, alongside servers and clients who share such centrally-managed services as DNS and Kerberos.

The basic purpose of Red Hat Identity Management is to be a domain controller for Linux and Unix machines, defining the domain and making use of controlling servers and enrolled client machines. With the use of native Linux applications and protocols, Red Hat Identity Management provides Linux/Unix environments with a centralised structure that was not previously available to them. Red Hat Identity Management simplifies administrative overheads, using the same tools to configure users, services, machines and policies in one place. IPA’s creation of a domain means that the same configuration and resources can be used by multiple machines when they join it. Not only are administrators only required to manage a single user account, but users also only need to sign into services once.

All in all, Red Hat Identity Management and security solutions are ideal for simplifying the manner in which identity information is managed in complex heterogeneous environments, and also introduce to enterprise identity and security infrastructures the advantages of the open source development model. Lastly, such solutions also allow for the continued evolution of processes and solutions, setting out a clear path to identity and security control of a truly integrated nature.

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