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Thanks to deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation, Proxar IT Consulting can help your business to improve performance, security and scalability. By investing in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation for Servers, you can look forward to not only near-bare-metal, but also superior-to-bare-metal performance, as well as a scalability for enterprise workloads that is the envy of the industry. Other advantages of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation include enhanced data security, reduced infrastructure costs, better manageability, enhanced business continuity and data agility and superior application and client flexibility.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation brings you the high performance, cost-effectiveness and stable environment that you would expect from the same people who are responsible for Enterprise Linux. It is also, however, the true complete management solution, offering a high level of performance and scalability for such real-world enterprise applications as Oracle, Microsoft Exchange and SAP. Security is similarly industry-leading, being built on the security-hardened Enterprise Linux kernel, while there are also enterprise virtualisation management features that include high availability, live migration, power saving, load balancing and more. Business agility and continuity are also assured with the elimination of the discrepancies between the desktop platform and the underlying hardware, while the Red Hat software subscription model reduces acquisition and total ownership costs at the same time as bringing you a feature set that is equally good, or better than the alternative solutions.

With the demands that your organisation faces changing continuously, you may be thankful for the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation Accelerator Service, which makes possible the rapid deployment of virtualisation in your infrastructure, as well as the optimisation of its performance. The service delivers Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation for Servers in a standard configuration so that your virtual environment’s time-to-value can be accelerated. It also involves the documentation of your setup and full preparation of your IT staff with the knowledge they require to independently manage virtualisation tasks after the engagement. With Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation 3.0, you have a complete virtualisation solution for server and desktop virtualisation, as well as the first virtualisation platform that is fully open-source and enterprise ready. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation offers a true strategic virtualisation alternative for organisations that are looking to reduce ownership costs, get a quicker return on investment and avoid vendor lock-in.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation for Servers supports server operating systems as virtual guests, and includes the RHEV Hypervisor as well as the RHEV Manager management system. It is based on two other projects started at Red Hat and subsequently released to the open source community – the powerful Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor that has achieved unmatched consolidation ratios and set records for its virtualisation benchmark results, and the oVirt open virtualisation management platform. Red Hat Enterprise for Desktops can also be specified as an add-on, for those that require support for desktop platforms as virtual guests and support for desktop management functionality. You could barely choose a better platform than Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation on which to base large scale virtualisation initiatives and internal/private cloud developments.

With Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation, customers can manage their entire virtual environment – encompassing virtual data centers, hosts, clusters, networking, storage and guest virtual servers – centrally and effectively. It includes such features as live migration, high availability, image management, thin provisioning, snapshots and policy-based workload balancing. Few solutions are better engineered to support your entire infrastructure, with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation also featuring guest operating system support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests (32 bit and 64 bit) and Microsoft Windows guests (32 bit and 64 bit), complete with paravirtualised network and block drivers. The data center consolidation process transitions workloads from physical servers to virtual machines, significantly boosting the utilisation and agility of computing resources while also lowering operational costs, by using power and space more efficiently. This brings capital cost savings in server hardware of as much as 75%, to add to a long list of operational and cost benefits.

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