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Proxar’s Red Hat Linux Consultancy helps you to resolve technology difficulties from conception of the architecture to deployment of your system. Your business can leverage off our RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) certified engineers to ensure success with your deployment for all kinds of systems from Data Centre Network Design to Multi-Server Web Platforms.

Why Proxar’s Red Hat Linux Consultancy?

Our team can work with you to evaluate current IT infrastructure and get the most out of your new system. Once your new structure has been implemented our engineers can provide you with support, maintenance and RedHat training if required.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) gives you stability and flexibility in Data Centre Network Design, is capable of supporting any hardware architecture; you will maintain full control and scalability of your Network. Proxar’s Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) Certified Engineers have implemented this truly diverse operating system in many different environments. Leveraging off our knowledge and experience you will benefit from an increase in network efficiency, ease of application management and a reduction in your Data Centre Network carbon footprint.

What can you get from Red Hat Linux Consultancy?

Red Hat Linux Consultancy can give you:

  • Our knowledge and experience under Linux;
  • Maximization of product performance;
  • Design of the best architecture;
  • Guarantee of being up to date and having the best software for your needs;
  • Support and maintenance;
  • Security, control and reliability.

Our Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) Consultancy can assist you to realise the full potential of your Data Centre Network. By using our engineers we are able to help your business achieve its desired objectives. We will provide the skills needed to design, deploy and maintain a new or existing RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) infrastructure. We are able to provide you with a scalable and secure RedHat configuration.

Red Hat Linux Consultancy offers its services in the following areas:

  • Configuration and application deployment of Linux and Open Source;
  • Migration and integration of Linux and Open Source software;
  • Security services (protection and detection);
  • Management services.

Red Hat Security

We strongly advise the use of ModSecurity tool (one of Red Hat Security software we use), because of its higher level of security over firewalls.  ModSecurity has full HTTP transaction logging, giving a complete log of all requests and responses received by your web server. It works as a web intrusion detection system and gives a possibility to react immediately to any suspicious actions performed by your web servers.

Another very good Red Hat Security tool is Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux). It has a mechanism, which supports access control. Every time when an attempt of avoiding your security is found, the damage that can be caused by malicious software to your system is reduced. Under SELinux users or application can’t change access controls, because they are set by policies and they are already loaded to the system.

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