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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) plays a key role in protecting critical credit and debit card information in systems that handle these payment methods. This global information security standard was created with the aim of reducing credit card fraud via the exposure of cardholder data, providing best practice security standards and increasing controls. Depending on the volumes of transactions that are handled by the given company, the annual validation of compliance is done by either an external Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) or Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Achieving compliance, however, can be challenging for the affected entities. Proxar IT Consulting has significant expertise in PCI DSS for Red Hat Linux, and can assist your own organisation in achieving compliance.

The focus of requirements for PCI DSS for Red Hat Linux is not just on controls targeted at networks, systems and applications, but also on issues of policy, process and operations. To maintain compliance with an information security standard that places such an emphasis on reducing exposure risk and protecting critical information, you’ll need to achieve a certain operational maturity, and that will not be possible unless you have infrastructure that is reliable in addition to being cost-effective to use and maintain. Thus, here at Proxar IT Consulting, we will help you to achieve compliance with specific mandates relating to PCI DSS for Linux, while also boosting all-round efficiency and agility.

The good news for merchants or vendors that use Red Hat Enterprise Linux is that it has various built-in features and functions that make it possible for a robust implementation to be developed for the management of all security aspects that need to be managed in order to achieve and maintain compliance. Indeed, it is often the ongoing maintenance of compliance with PCI DSS for Red Hat Linux that really troubles enterprises, rather than achieving compliance during an audit. That’s why IT organisations are likely to appreciate the continuous return and other ongoing benefits that are brought by the Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology platform that allows for the reliable deployment and configuration of new systems. It’s a platform that also makes it easier to efficiently manage systems and users and enforce policy, in addition to meeting audit and logging needs. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other Red Hat solutions, the management of environments in a way that complies with the PCI DSS standard is all the more possible, thanks to the presence of the right platforms, applications and mechanisms.

PCI DSS applies to your organisation if it holds, processes or passes cardholder information from any credit card that carries the logo of one of the participating company brands. Get in touch with Proxar IT Consulting’s experts in PCI DSS for Red Hat Linux today, for more information about how we can assist your company to achieve and maintain compliance.