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If you want to use the latest sources to build a custom kernel, why not get in touch with the experts here at Proxar IT Consulting who can provide assistance? Unix kernels serve the purpose of mediating for programs and hardware. They manage memory and allocate it to the running programs, ensuring that they all […]

There is no more popular web server on the Internet than Apache. The downside of this popularity, however, is that it is also an attractive potential gateway for malicious users to capitalise on an insecure web script or misconfiguration so that sensitive data can be gathered, and/or attacks against other hosts performed, from your web […]

Proxar’s Red Hat Linux Consultancy helps you to resolve technology difficulties from conception of the architecture to deployment of your system. Your business can leverage off our RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) certified engineers to ensure success with your deployment for all kinds of systems from Data Centre Network Design to Multi-Server Web Platforms. Why Proxar’s […]