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There is no more popular web server on the Internet than Apache. The downside of this popularity, however, is that it is also an attractive potential gateway for malicious users to capitalise on an insecure web script or misconfiguration so that sensitive data can be gathered, and/or attacks against other hosts performed, from your web server. This is why you may appreciate the extra layer of security that mod_security provides, and that links into Apache to provide a wide range of rich features for the protection of Apache and the elimination of the security risks that may be posed by insecure scripts. Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we have extensive expertise in Apache with Mod_Security consulting.

The features that mod_security provides include transaction scoring, event correlation, data persistence, anomaly detection, anti-evasion functions and regex back-references. You will not be to extract the maximum value from your server and web applications without also developing a strong understanding of Apache configuration, with the range of functions that depend upon Apache including CGI processing, URL rewriting, PHP program execution, log files, SSL security and system security, to name just a few. ModSecurity serves as a web application firewall for your Apache web server, not only providing logging capabilities but also monitoring the HTTP traffic in real time so that attacks can be promptly detected. In addition, ModSecurity is an invaluable tool for the detection of web intrusions, placing you in the best position to respond to suspicious events as they occur at your web systems.

There are many means of hardening a server, with one of them being to minimise the amount of information that is disclosed to attackers relating to the web server and version that is in use. However, Apache does not, in itself, allow you to control all of the content that is provided in the server header field. That makes it necessary to alter your identity with the assistance of mod_security. The best that you can ultimately hope for, given the lack of input that is possible, is to fool automated attacks by changing the identity of the web server. Although OS fingerprinting still makes it possible for the most single-minded attackers to determine that the server is a Linux OS of some description, but they will still not be able to find out the exact web server and version. Modsecurity finds the location of the information about the server’s identity in the memory and uses a text string to overwrite it.

Trust Proxar IT Consulting to bring you the most extensive, cost-effective and dependable Apache with Mod_Security consulting. We have through expertise relating to both Apache and Mod_Security, with consultants who are seasoned in the planning, deployment, review, troubleshooting and optimisation of not only Apache web server installations, but also the applications that are incorporated into them. We can help you to integrate your server into a legacy infrastructure, with our experts helping to ensure that your web commerce, extranets and intranets are secure and your business data and reputation safeguarded.