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SELinux stands for Security-enhanced Linux and it’s a very strong, kernel-level security layer. It provides good control over user and processes access to the resources and which programs can be executed on a system. The SELinux consulting and management professionals at Proxar IT Consulting can help your business with implementation, troubleshooting and management of SELinux. […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux has become something of a global standard of enterprise platform, for those companies that require a stable, reliable and flexible data centre infrastructure design. It is also designed to be highly scalable, with a seven year update and support lifecycle that you have the option of extending to ten years. Nonetheless, […]

If your company makes use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, then you’ll want to make sure that your infrastructure platform benefits from the highest standard of security, particularly where it supports web-based service. The good news, of course, is that Red Hat technologies are already a top choice when it comes to ensuring that your […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a diverse and very scalable open source operating system that is primarily implemented for web platforms. Indeed, this scalability and lack of complexity also usually makes early implementations of the platform, consisting of just 1-4 servers, easy to manage and maintain. As these services grow and the platform is scaled […]

Red Hat Network Satellite is an open-source systems management platform for expanding Linux infrastructures. It is an easy to use application that makes it possible for organisations to make the most of Red Hat Network without the need to provide public online access to their servers or other client systems. The customer’s own Red Hat […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) has long been the global standard for companies that build their businesses on technology. The reason for that is that it is an enterprise platform that provides your business with a truly stable, flexible and reliable data centre infrastructure design, whilst also being capable of supporting a broad range of […]

If you require centralised identity/policy/authorisation software, then you may be interested in Red Hat Enterprise Linux IPA, which allows you to create identity stores, centralised authentication, domain control for DNS and Kerberos services and authorisation policies – each on Linux systems, with the use of native Linux tools. Red Hat Identity Management is one of […]

Thanks to deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation, Proxar IT Consulting can help your business to improve performance, security and scalability. By investing in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation for Servers, you can look forward to not only near-bare-metal, but also superior-to-bare-metal performance, as well as a scalability for enterprise workloads that is the envy of […]

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) plays a key role in protecting critical credit and debit card information in systems that handle these payment methods. This global information security standard was created with the aim of reducing credit card fraud via the exposure of cardholder data, providing best practice security standards and […]