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Pro IT Support offers a comprehensive array of IT Support, Network Management and Online Backups Services. Our engineers deliver support in following areas: Small and Medium Businesses IT Support, Data Centre Network Support, Network Support, Windows Server Support, Microsoft Software Support, Red Hat System Support and Blackberry and Sage Support. 

Under Data Centre Network Support we are able to maintain efficient, high-performing and high-scalable network environment for any IT infrastructure. We have knowledge and experience in installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Data Centres and combining it with Red Hat System Support gives us a possibility to work with Linux systems.

Good and long-lasting relationship with our customers is extremely important for us, that’s why we work, discuss, consult and advice issues directly with you. Years of experience with Information Technology provided us with very good SMB IT Consulting services. When we work on Office Network Design or Data Centre Network Design we take into consideration your requirements and budget. Network Monitoring and Online Backups will back up and help find and deal with all problems of designed office or data centre network.


Network Audit Services provide answers for your company on how to increase performance and improve security of established network or bring old network up to date. It also gives analysis of all network devices like routers and switches.

When migrating systems, our experience in Microsoft Server Migration and Microsoft Software Migration can help reduce the downtime and maximise effectiveness. Pro IT Support has a good elaborated plan of action when it comes to migrating systems, so we will do everything to avoid any delays and therefore loss of money for an organisation.

Our IT Support, Network Managment and Online Backups Services include:

  • SMB IT Support – To resolve all the Information Technology issues and to increase general IT performance;
  • Data Centre Network Support – For installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Data Centre;
  • Secure Online Backups - To protect your business data from loss, for the best possible Data Security and quick Disaster Recovery. Backup your data to the cloud. We use one of the highest security standards available on the market to protect your backed up data;
  • IT Network Support – To support network devices and internet connectivity with Network Security Management and Network Monitoring;
  • Windows Server Support – To resolve all windows server problems for Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Small Business Server or Microsoft Active Directory;
  • Microsoft Software Support – We offer Microsoft Windows Support, Microsoft Office Support, SQL Server Support and Microsoft Exchange Support;
  • Red Hat System Support – Support, maintenance and security of Linux platforms;
  • Blackberry and Sage Support – Installations, updates, upgrades, setups or troubleshooting of Blackberries and Sage
  • Network Monitoring – To quickly find and remove all problems like: overloaded systems, lost network connections, crashed servers, virus or malware infections and power outages, which will reduce lost hours and increase productivity;
  • SMB IT Consulting - To make the best possible use of information technology, to help  improve performance, reliability and scalability of the IT infrastructure of small and medium size companies;
  • Office Network Design – To design and maintenance secure, reliable, effective and high-performing office network;
  • Data Centre Network Design - To increase business agility and design high-available, flexible and simple Data Centre. Besides of that we provide virtualisation of Data Centre;
  • Network Audit Services – Analysis of devices (Routers, Switches etc.) to increase performance and improve security in established networks, and for bringing old networks up to date;
  • Microsoft Server Migration - Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft SBS Installation; Windows Server and Server Hardware Migration with minimal downtime;
  • Microsoft Software Migration for SQL Server, Exchange Server and Forefront for Exchange and installation of all updates;
  • Our IT Support can help with all issues related to information technology. We do Managed IT Support and Desktop Support. Our services are available through Remote Support, as well as On-Site Support. It means that access to IT engineers is granted all the time and if needed, they will come to your office and work from there.

Pro IT Support strives to maximise Information Technology contribution to your organisation, with taking into consideration all important aspects and finds and implements the best IT solutions. By providing a high-quality product and service we will help your company to move forward and keep on growing.

IT Support, Network Management and Online Backups London and Sevenoaks, Kent – Pro IT Support.