PCI DSS Network Design

If your company stores, processes or transmits credit card data, then it is necessary for you to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS, which defines security standards and procedures towards network configuration, systems configuration, auditing and access to ensure that customers’ details are safe. Proxar IT Consulting has extensive experience of providing companies with services relating to PCI DSS Network Design and beefing up their information security, from the first phase of the initial PCI DSS audit to consulting and implementation, right through to the final compliance and certification stage – although we do not offer all of these services together. The reason for this is that it is inappropriate for any company such as ours to certify its own work in the implementation stage of PCI DSS Network Design, although we do – of course – offer compliance certification for companies that have had their PCI DSS solutions designed or implemented by another provider.

Receive a full PCI DSS Network Audit

It may be the case that you have an existing network in place that needs to be integrated with the PCI DSS network, or you may need to improve or upgrade your network to meet PCI DSS requirements. Whatever your exact situation, we can carry out requirements gathering, audit your existing infrastructure, conduct gap analysis and complete a project plan. The report that we provide you with on your current infrastructure will focus on your network, systems, documentation and procedures. The term ‘gap analysis’, meanwhile, refers to analysis of the difference between the current state of your network, and where it needs to be in order for PCI DSS compliance certification to be achieved. The project plan, meanwhile, will concentrate on how your requirements can be implemented whilst causing minimum disruption to your current environment. If you do not have an existing network or otherwise wish to have an entirely new build, then we will carry out requirements gathering and produce a PCI DSS network design solution, complete with information on how it meets the requirements for certification, as well as a project plan. This will all be included in the report that we provide for you.

More about our PCI DSS implementation services

Once we agree the PCI DSS network design and/or other changes and governance requirements with you, it will simply be a case of implementing them, which is a task that will be carried out by our highly experienced and professional IT team. Although, as a supplier, we are independent of vendors, we do recommend Cisco Systems and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for network solutions and operating systems respectively.

Turn to us for PCI DSS certification!

That’s right: if you already have a PCI DSS solution in place that has been designed or implemented by another PCI DSS consultancy, then we can fulfil the final phase of the network design process by providing you with PCI DSS compliance certification. As aforementioned, however, we cannot perform this service for any solution that was designed or implemented by our own engineers, as this would be entirely inappropriate.

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