Partnerships at Proxar

At Proxar we are always looking to provide our clients with the best service and solutions. The team we have built will take your requirements and work with you to create a solution. We are proud to be partnered with a number of the most trusted brands in the IT industry. We pick our partnerships carefully, ensuring they can ultimately be of benefit to our clients.

It is our firm belief that these partnerships add credibility and value to our already strong offering. Our offering HAS to be of benefit to our clients. At Proxar, we only partner with brands that we feel are correctly aligned with our values, and what we want to offer so that we bring you the best solutions.

We are nurturing a strong network of partners as we look to continue to enhance what we can offer. Many existing clients already benefit from our partnerships and new clients coming onboard can also benefit from the outset.

Our current partnerships


Networking is at Cisco’s core. The American giant develops and manufactures networking hardware / software and now telecommunication equipment. Cisco products can help to keep your network fully functional whilst ensuring it remains secure.


Within the IT industry, Microsoft are undoubtedly one of the best known brands. They have been around for years, with their history dating back to the 70s. Microsoft develop, manufacture and license hardware / software. They also manufacture personal devices and gaming consoles. A vast cloud-based offering is also a part of what Microsoft have to offer and Proxar are also Microsoft CSPs – cloud solution providers.

Dell Technologies

If you look back to the 80s you can trace the origins of Dell. In its latest incarnation as Dell Technologies it produces many products. Desktop and laptop computers have been Dell’s bread and butter, along with their servers. There are however many more strings to their bow, including storage and networking solutions.

Red Hat

Red Hat’s history dates back to the early 90s. They are providers of open source software for enterprise. In fact, they are the leading global provider of enterprise open source solutions. Enterprise Linux from Red Hat is the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform.


In the past, names like McAfee, Symantec and Norton would be at the front of users’ minds. Avast have grown massively and as a result they are now the most popular Antivirus vendor. They provide cross-platform security applications for Window, Mac, Android and iOS. Among the services provided within Avast’s products are antivirus, browser security, anti-phishing and anti-spyware.


Kemp provide load balancing and application delivery software that is built on a bespoke Linux operating system. The use of Kemp LoadMaster provides businesses with high availability, scalability, security and visibility for their applications.


F5 originated in America in 1996. They specialise in application services and application delivery networking. The main focus at F5 is the security, performance, delivery and availability of web applications. Kemp has since grown its offering further, but at its core it was based on a load balancing product.

Ring Central

Ring Central provide a cloud-based telephony service which helps make businesses truly mobile. The flagship product is Ring Central Office, encompassing voice calls, video calls, messaging and document sharing. Their packages include a soft phone mobile app so this enables users to make and receive calls with their work number wherever they are.

Our partnerships are in place to help us offer the best solutions for our clients’ specific needs. We endeavour to help increase productivity allowing you to fully realise your business potential. Get in touch with our team at Proxar to take advantage of our growing network of partners.