Server Online (Cloud) Backup

With the critical information that tends to get stored on your company’s servers, it’s understandable that you’ll appreciate a means of backing up that data so that your business is not severely compromised in the event of an unforeseen disaster. However, working out how best to backup the data that is so important not just to your firm’s day-to-day operations, but also legal compliance, can be a very stressful process, with the result often being that it goes completely unprotected. That’s why you are likely to appreciate a practical solution that allows you to securely, cost-effectively and reliably safeguard all of the data that resides on every machine on your network… a solution such as server online backup from Proxar IT.

Whereas data backup technology was once grounded very much in on-site methods, today’s options tend to place much more emphasis on the power of the Internet and cloud computing. With such a huge volume of data being generated these days by an increasingly wide range of digital devices such as laptops, tablets, netbooks and smartphones, many firms have come to especially appreciate the benefits of server online backup solutions. It’s simply no longer sufficient to depend on local backup systems as a means of storing and protecting such a great amount of important data, and our own server online backup system heavily encrypts your data through every stage of the transaction, including both the initial backup and final restoration of data.

There are many reasons why you may wish to choose a server online backup solution from us rather than continue to depend on the on-site, manual alternatives. First of all, there is a limited lifespan to external hardware devices, with CDs and DVDs subject to wear and likely to eventually fail. External hard drives and USB keys can also be very expensive and only tend to last a few years. Our server online backup solution also involves the automatic monitoring, backup and protection of files whenever they are changed or with the creation of each new file. This removes the risk of depending on a person to not only remember to backup, but also do so frequently, including swapping backup tapes and taking them to an off-site location.

External data storage is also vulnerable to natural disasters and security issues, with stolen or destroyed backup tapes a possibility even in off-site locations. You may have also considered an off-site data centre, but even these premises can be costly to use, and usually make it necessary for your tapes to be delivered to the given location. As is suggested by their name, our server online backup services involve your data being backed up to a secure site over the Internet, with no need to spend money on costly tape drives, media or other backup equipment.

We offer server online backup services that are designed to accommodate the widely varying needs of different businesses. Features and benefits of our server online backup services include centralised management for the easier backup of online servers by busy administrators, while there’s also virtualisation environment support, asking possible the agent-less backup and recovery to the cloud of virtual machines. Our server online backup service also comes with the highest level of security, courtesy of government-approved encryption, while the recovery process is swift and efficient, with the centralised portal allowing you to easily restore files, folders or an entire server.

If you’ve decided that you are ready to take advantage of an online, off-site backup solution, simply give our seasoned server online backup team a call today. Here at Proxar IT, we take pride in offering an easy to install and highly scalable server online backup service that provides your data with the best possible protection, making it easier for you to achieve the most ambitious data protection and recovery time objectives.