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Proxar IT Support is a great company to which to turn for online backups. It’s simple: you tell us what data you would like to have backed up, and we set it up, with regular, daily overnight backups being scheduled. These online backups also involve the encryption of your data, which is sent across the Internet to a secure external location – all of which ensures maximum safety. The incremental nature of the online backups, which are performed overnight, minimises their impact on the performance of your network. We offer online backups of as little as 10GB or as much as 10TB, with the former being as inexpensive as £20 per month, and they make it possible to restore data at any point, and in any location. But how does online backup really work?

With so much critical information these days being kept on computers, it goes without saying that even if your computers fail or you lose data through some other unavoidable or unforeseen means such as theft, fire or human error, you will still want to be able to access that information. Although there are other forms of data backup available, few of those options can boast the reliability and cost-effectiveness of online backups. Once the data is backed up, you will therefore be able to access it at any time and from anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet. The secure storage and encryption of your data ensures that nobody else – not even the online backup provider – will be able to access it without your consent. There are very few exceptions to the kind of information and files that can be backed up in this way.

After you have chosen an online backup provider that suits your individual requirements, a client program can be installed on the computers that you would like to backup, which will allow for the transferral of your files to the remote servers. The first online backup may force you to run the computer continuously and avoid it ending up in sleep mode, with the exact time that this initial process takes depending on your Internet connection speed and the amount of data that your computer is presently storing. Once this process is completed, however, all work thereafter will be much quicker, as only the files that have been changed will need to be backed up again. You can check the status of your backup process on your online backup client software’s control panel, and there are various ways of restoring your files if you need to do so. You can, for example, download your data from the web, in which case a download rate of one GB of data per hour is to be expected. Alternatively, you could choose to have a USB hard drive or DVD-ROM copy of your data swiftly delivered to you by your online backup provider.

Online backups are a great means of ensuring your vital data’s safety and security… and all that it really takes to have your data accessible from anywhere, at any time is to have your files backed up, encrypted and sent through a secure Internet connection so that it can all be stored in a safe and remote data centre. Online backups are affordable and keep your vital information safe irrespective of the state of your computer, which makes them ideal for individuals and businesses alike.

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