Online Backup Technology

How Online Backup work?

Proxar IT Support is a great company to which to turn for online backups. It’s simple: you tell us what data you would like to have backed up, and we set it up, with regular, daily overnight backups being scheduled. These online backups also involve the encryption of your data, which is sent across the […]

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Online Backup Software

There has never been a greater need for the very best quality online backup software, and sure enough, here at Proxar IT Support, we use one of the best solutions, which is also very easy to install and set up. Once the online backup software is up and running, the backups will run automatically without […]

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Data Recovery Process

Once you have set up online backups, the data recovery process is very simple and quick. Proxar IT Support will help you to recover your desired data, whether you accidentally deleted a file or an entire folder, your hard drive broke down or you simply want the previous version of a file. The data recovery […]

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