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Highly secure, reliable and affordable cloud backup to secure your business critical data

There are few more elementary computing needs than a good means of backing up vital data, and that is especially the case for the small to medium sized companies that may lack such an easy means, but which would stand to lose most with the loss of important files. There are so many ways in which data can be lost, as well as a debate about the best kind of backup, with offsite and online data storage having become a much more attractive option in recent years. That’s largely because of the revolution that cloud backup solutions have brought, with inexpensive and hassle-free Windows cloud backups and Linux solutions alike having emerged.

Many factors will determine the right choice of cloud backup solution for your firm, with two types of cloud storage being available for workstations: cloud sync services and dedicated backup services. As well as considering the various merits of these two options, you will want to give plenty of thought to the computing platforms that are supported, in addition to security – after all, you will not only need your data to be encrypted, but also for a strong sign-on system to be in place. There are also different possible approaches to the actual file uploads, while there is also a need to ensure that your chosen cloud backup system does not place too much of a strain on your system. And of course, you’ll also need to consider the prices of cloud storage and the reputability of your chosen provider.

Proxar IT Support offers not only Windows, but also Linux cloud backups. Our cloud backup and recovery service is sustainable, automated and agentless, also coming with our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technical support. Whatever your IT environment or infrastructure, you can be sure of cloud backup services that perfectly match your company’s particular needs. We provide enterprise software that is ideal for single or multiple offices or even remote sites, with laptops, virtual platforms, handheld devices and tablets all able to be backed up. We offer a certified cloud backup solution that complies with all major security standards. Depend on Proxar IT Support to provide you with a bespoke cloud backup solution that offers you unlimited retention, secure encryption, full control of backups and no hidden costs.

However you lose data, you’ll want to have a cloud backup solution on hand that allows for the quick and easy recovery of data – after all, the worst time to find out that you cannot recover data is when it has already been lost. With our Windows cloud backups or even Linux cloud backups, you can enjoy a series of benefits – from the archiving of old data, compression and encryption to local and offsite backup and laptop protection – as part of an end-to-end solution that safeguards desktops, servers, laptops and structured and unstructured applications. Our agentless advantage minimises downtime, while the whole package is available at the most competitive price.