Network Migrations

With communications network technology continuing to develop at an ever-increasing pace, many organisations are struggling to keep up with market requirements, leaving them with an urgent need to migrate their old networks to new ones. That’s why you may turn to Proxar IT Consulting, who will be able to determine the technologies that are best-suited to your organisation and has a strong track record in overseeing the smoothest of network migrations. However, network migration can be a difficult task. Our own network migrations are managed by IT experts with years of collective experience to make sure it’s done properly and with no downtime.

What we do:

  • Plan, design and implement a new network infrastructure.
  • Take into consideration your current and future needs and build a network architecture that meets them.
  • Prepare project scope and cost, so that you know exactly how long it is going to take to complete that project and there are no hidden costs.
  • Focus strongly on creating a detailed migration strategy, which is critical to network migration itself.
  • Advise on the best hardware and software to meet your business needs.
  • Perform the whole migration with no downtime.

We have a highly seasoned, skilled and professional implementation team that carries out network migrations, with our migration and upgrade process helping to minimise disruption to users and avoid downtime. In addition to verifying that the new operating system specifications are a good match to your current hardware and recommending any hardware that is necessary for the accommodation of the platform, we ensure that each step of the migration has been planned in accordance with best practices. We ensure compliance as far as license procurement is concerned, and keep existing data and information secure as we prepare for migration, implementation and testing. We also provide the necessary user support and training.

Whatever the nature of your company’s growth and the present state of its networks, here at Proxar IT Consulting, we are able to provide tailored solutions, taking into consideration different site requirements and implementation conditions. There are many factors that we consider in the design and implementation of our network migrations, including the specifications of devices and cables that will need to be migrated, the space available on site and how subscriber cables can be routed and distributed to achieve optimal balance. The end result is a solution that is not only quick and safe to minimise the effect that service interruption has on your end users, but that also takes into account all of your organisation’s demands.

Proxar IT Consulting helps to minimise the cost of network migrations by fully exploring how existing network devices can be used in any new solution. Our customised network migrations help to protect your existing investment and ensure the maximum implementation efficiency. Our professionals also have extensive experience and knowledge relating to network architecture and integration in a multi-vendor environment, which allows us to better plan network migrations from a project and technical perspective. With their strong track record in overseeing successful network migrations, our consultants monitor the process from start to finish. It’s all part of an entire well-regarded service that encompasses everything from migration planning and procedures documentation to process testing and migration support.