Network Security for Web Platforms

What type of web technology does your business use? JAVA? PHP? These are the two most common types – but, regardless, the system security of your company’s chosen type of web technology is undeniably paramount. Thankfully, here at Proxar, we offer full security audits, plus consultancy and implementation services, to assist your business in improving such security. Our staff are also well qualified to boost your system security, as they are thoroughly experienced in consulting, configuring and implementing various security hardening techniques. Such methods include Red Hat security, Apache security, SELinux and Mod_security. On a network level, we draw on renowned technologies and vendors – mainly solutions from highly esteemed companies Cisco and Checkpoint. We can also implement high quality DDOS protection, should you fear the possibility of Distributed Denial of Service attacks on your network.

Network and System Security

Proxar IT Consulting is highly knowledgeable about boosting web platform security from a system viewpoint. Whatever your chosen web technology, you can effectively embed high security solutions like SELinux and Mod_security into your existing infrastructure with the use of our consultancy services. SELinux is a version of operating system Linux which allows for a high level of control over system files, processes, users and applications, while Mod_security provides a resilient defence at the source code level through operating as an Apache web server module. We are also thoroughly experienced in improving the security of Red Hat operating systems and their Apache software. We boast an especially impressive track record of improving the security of various web infrastructures to meet the requirements of the network security standard known as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This standard, as the name suggests, is intended to improve the data security process for card payment.

However, despite the effectiveness of firewalls and other security appliances as network security frameworks, many businesses can still often struggle to adequately defend their web infrastructure against DDOS attacks. Thankfully, Proxar IT Consulting can assist companies here through implementing external network security protection services from renowned companies like Prolexic or webscreen. We also diligently follow carefully chosen standards, guidelines and recommendations from leading companies in the network security field, like Cisco, Checkpoint and Juniper – which should lend you even greater peace of mind. Ultimately, no seriously aspiring business wants to be wasting time and money resolving the adverse consequences of network security lapses – so implement prevention rather than cure, with the help of Proxar’s services.

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