Monitoring Services

As a business owner, you’ll have an increasing awareness of the instrumental role of IT and the World Wide Web. No one needs to tell you about the importance of a robust IT service that provides maximum uptime. But to achieve such a service, you’ll need the support of a reliable monitoring solution. And these monitoring services must provide you with the most appropriate measurements and alerts.

This is why here at Proxar IT Consulting, we can provide you with either a standard or bespoke monitoring solution. This may include anomaly detection, reaction and escalation services and 24/7 response. With the right monitoring service for your business, you can quickly detect a security breach and avoid downtime. As well as this, you can even get advice about planning and budgeting for IT upgrades.

Standard Monitoring Services

When you invest in our standard monitoring solution, we will remotely monitor your IT service. And we do this for a broad range of services from many locations in the UK. We can constantly probe and test various services, including web, mail and database services. And in the event of our alert thresholds being breached, we will provide an immediate response. And we can proceed to follow escalation procedures if your services are not rapidly restored to normal.

Even our standard monitoring services are not simply restricted to monitoring. We also aid the process of capacity planning and anomaly detection by gathering, recording and graphing across dozens of possible metrics. And because our monitoring services are fully managed, you don’t have to waste any time concentrating on it. And you can use this spare time to focus on your core business. We will simply let you know if any issues arise.

As well as this, we make use of industry standard IT infrastructure monitoring software. And this makes it possible to spot problems even before they occur. This means that we’ll inform you immediately when any problems arise.

Bespoke Monitoring Services

Alternatively, you may have more complex requirements that our standard monitoring service just doesn’t sufficiently meet. And in this situation, you may have more of an interest in our bespoke monitoring services. And as the name suggests, with this service, we’ll build and manage a custom monitoring solution for you.

It may be the case that your systems are sufficiently secure and complex as to require on-site monitoring. And if this applies to your firm, then we can deploy a fully managed on-site monitoring appliance to your premises. Alternatively, you may require fully redundant monitoring services from multiple locations. And this is another scenario for which we can provide a monitoring appliance.

In addition to this, we can also provide custom script and custom agent development services. These will ensure the rapid and consistent delivery of the precise outcomes that you require from your IT services. And we can also construct the perfect combination of hardware, software and services for your business. So that you’ll be sure to continually meet your business targets.

Reaction and Capacity Planning Assistance

There is little use in monitoring your IT service if you can’t respond accordingly. which is why monitoring services from us also incorporate a 24/7 response. When you choose a managed monitoring service from us, you’ll also have the option to escalate to our own resources. As well as your internal IT teams or even directly to your third parties, depending on what you require.

In the event that issues remain unresolved then we’ll manage multiple levels of escalation. Our managed monitoring services are much more than simple observation and subsequent reaction. We also collect metrics over a protracted period of time in order to graph trends and aid the capacity planning process. This means that you can better plan the capacity that you will require over the long term. And this allows your business to thrive without being hampered by unpredictable load related problems.

Monitoring Services Summary

Overall, our managed monitoring services means that you can make better use of your company’s limited resources. And this allows you to scale your infrastructure to accommodate an increasing level of demand. As well as this, you can adapt to the changing ways in which you use your site over time.

In conclusion, our monitoring solution is the ideal choice if you want to be able to handle sudden spikes of demand. And it’s perfect to predict explosive growth or design architectures to which you can easily add capacity. So to find out more about our monitoring services then contact us today.