Managed Web Support & Hosting

If you are interested in a complete service for your business, without having to worry about the ownership and management of IT hardware and software, then you may be interested in our range of managed services. These include access to a best-in-class shared hosting platform, bespoke web hosting services for our most demanding customers and monitoring services across various technologies.

Proxar’s managed services also cover network security managed services which provide you with the safety and assurance that you require in order to concentrate on your core business, as well as services in data centre colocation that allow you to collocate your infrastructure in purpose built datacentres. We also offer dedicated server hosting to clients that need immediate capacity.

Managed web hosting

Managed web hosting is a fully managed and bespoke service for customers with needs that aren’t met by a shared hosting platform. Reasons to choose a managed service may include high levels of traffic, exceptional site complexity or size or unusual security requirements. Managed web hosting offers a greater amount of flexibility than a shared server, as it means that you have full control over your servers and can therefore make your own choice of operating system and hardware. Indeed, we design our managed web hosting service around your particular needs, which typically involves us provisioning dedicated servers, network segments and firewalls.

Shared hosting

Alternatively, your company might be one of those for which the most cost-effective solution is a shared hosting platform. Here at Proxar, whether you are a UK or international customer, we can design you a shared hosting platform that provides truly exceptional performance, being hosted in an ultra-secure facility in the UK and fully redundant. As a matter of fact, you can tell that we have faith in our shared hosting platform simply by virtue of the fact that our own site,, is hosted on it!

Monitoring services

If your IT service is to be robust enough to deliver maximum uptime, then it will need the support of a reliable monitoring system that features appropriate measurements and alerts. We offer both standard and bespoke monitoring services for clients, including 24/7 response, reaction and escalation services and anomaly detection. After all, if you can’t measure something, you also won’t be able to manage it.

Network security managed services

Network based attacks on companies are constantly growing, both in number and in sophistication. In order to protect your business, you’ll need to ensure that you have correctly deployed, configured and managed your network security software and appliances. We can support your business by providing complete network security managed services to provide and manage these essential components, and have a sufficiently high level of expertise to support those with demanding requirements, including PCI-DSS and ISO27001.

The PCI Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS, is a multifaceted security standard that helps your organisation to protect customer account data by incorporating requirements for security management, procedures, policies, software design, network architecture and other critical protective measures. ISO27001, meanwhile, is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard that specifies a formal management system for bringing information security under explicit management control.

Data centre colocation

Businesses are increasingly realising that it is best to house critical IT systems in facilities that are secure and well-connected, where they have the best possible chance of clean and uninterrupted power, filtered cooled air and a high level of physical security. We maintain partnerships with data centres in London, the wider UK and around the world, in order to ensure that you always have an appropriate location for your equipment, whether you simply require a single server or dozens of racks.

Our data centre colocation specialists have a high level of expertise in the planning, design, building, operation and management of data centres, meaning that you can look forward to a certified data centre colocation service that provides maximum uptime.

Dedicated server hosting

Your firm will never lack good quality web hosting with Proxar, as we source, host and maintain dedicated servers whilst giving you a free choice of operating system and requiring no upfront cost or long-term commitment from you in turn. As we offer dedicated server hosting that is designed around your exact needs, you do not have to worry about the possibility of “no notice” takedowns or ending up in a “busy neighbourhood”, which are both key risks with virtual or cloud alternatives. Invest in dedicated server hosting from Proxar, and 100% of the available memory and computing power is there for your own use.