Network Management Services

When a project for data centre network design and implementation is accomplished, no matter what type of equipment you use, expert IT network management and maintenance is essential. These services are beyond IT consulting and require a Network Operation Centre.

In small networks (less than 30 servers) it is normally more efficient and economical to outsource IT network management and monitoring services to a third party. For medium and large sized infrastructure, it’s more convenient for managers to outsource 24-hour monitoring.

Proxar IT Consulting has a 24/7 network monitoring and support team that can help your business to benefit from a stable and reliable IT Infrastructure. The areas of our expertise cover most aspects of data centre networking and Linux/UNIX systems administration. We are vendor independent, however, as a result of market driven decision we mostly focus on Cisco Systems technologies and Red Hat (also CentOS) Operating Systems.

We can offer a number of services that we have identified as a common needs for a data centre IT network management and maintenance.

Full Data Centre Management

The comprehensive IT network management service covers all common support and maintenance tasks as well as business-driven changes in the existing data centre environment. This includes full network support (most often for Cisco networks), changes in network configuration to configuration of firewall, routers, load-balancers, switches etc. and network troubleshooting. It also includes upgrades of software on the network devices. We recommend Cisco network equipment for stability and performance reasons.

UNIX/Linux operating systems (we recommend Red Hat/CentOS Linux) administration is another significant requirement of a running environment covered by our infrastructure management service. In addition to support for the basic functions of an operating system, we support applications and services provided with a system.

Our full data centre IT network management service includes network monitoring and reporting for various devices including servers and services running on servers. In a broad range of monitored services you can find crucial daemons such as Apache and database servers.

To find out more, please visit IT network monitoring page.

Network or OS management

Networking is an important part of every IT environment. However, the amount of networking devices compared to servers is usually less than 15%, so instead of employing one Cisco Certified network engineer, it’s more efficient and convenient to use our IT network management services. You can then be confident that your network is in the hands of experts and that every failure will be repaired quickly.

For anybody that already has some network administration solutions, we offer a UNIX/Linux operating systems management service. In addition to support for the basic functions of an operating system, we support the applications and services provided with a system.

Comprehensive IT Network Management – London, UK and Kent – Proxar IT Consulting.