IT Management Outsourcing

Businesses in the UK always have complex areas which require extra support or management. And one of the most common of these areas is IT. These days, it’s normal for businesses to outsource their IT to specialists. And here at Proxar IT, we have all the expertise you need when it comes to IT management outsourcing.

Proxar IT Management Outsourcing

At Proxar, we have IT infrastructure and a high level of expertise in managed service and outsourcing. Our IT outsourcing services are very much our “front office”. So we excel when it comes to providing this service, and we strive for continual improvement. Our full range of outsourced services includes web platform outsourcing, network management outsourcing and security management outsourcing. So with our services, you can spend more time focussing on the core of your business rather than your IT.

IT Management Our Speciality

At Proxar, we’re not a general-purpose, business process outsourcing organisation. Nor are we a consultancy fronting services delivered by third parties. Instead, we’re IT infrastructure specialists. So this means that the support, services and upgrades we deliver to you come from our own professional staff and consultants.

When you outsource your systems to us, your organisation’s own IT staff can concentrate on adding value to your firm. And we can deal with the day-to-day support of data, software and hardware.

Cost of IT Management Outsourcing

When you manage your IT in-house, your staff may find it difficult to deliver a consistent service to a steady budget. Sometimes, the budget can spiral as a result of staffing issues or unpredictable internal demand. Or because of unexpectedly elevated software and contract costs.

So when you outsource your IT to Proxar, you’ll control costs and maintain a spending limit on everyday IT operations without compromising on standards. You shouldn’t see outsourcing as a way to cut short-term costs, although it might. Instead, you should see it as a way to improve your long term competitiveness.

IT Management Outsourcing Service

Here at Proxar, our biggest priority is to provide truly excellent IT outsourcing management services. And we aim to do this with a consistent service for a consistent price. We can also flex our resources and services for customers who need upgrades or help with specific IT incidents.

Our outsourcing solutions will bring you certainty and consistency and they’ll help you with planning and growth strategies. We publish our agreed service levels and they’re available to our IT outsourcing customers. So this enables us to deliver a capable service that’s reliable even in times of excess demand.

Web Platform Outsourcing

Not all businesses want or need to be experts in delivering stable, high performing and secure web platforms. But almost every business needs these systems in place.

At Proxar IT, we’re experts in data centre, network, servers, storage, software construction, running and upgrading web platforms. So we can offer full outsourced web platform support. Overall, we can take your existing infrastructure, or new requirements, and provide a stable platform for growth and development.

Network IT Management Outsourcing

Networks play a central role in almost all modern IT systems. And here at Proxar, we’re experts in network management outsourcing. We employ certified and motivated engineers. And they’ll provide you with an outsourced network management function that meets your needs. Thus, providing consistently available and secure networking for your business.

Our team can design, specify and install a “greenfield” network for ongoing management. Or we can take ownership of existing networks and bring them under our management and control. With network management outsourcing from Proxar, you can focus on your company’s core business, not on its network.

Security Management Outsourcing

Few areas of any organisation, even those with a strong in-house IT capacity, are better suited to outsourcing than security management. When you give Proxar the control of both network access management and firewall controls and proxies, this has a stronger effect on our service. With this, we can create greater transparency when we develop and apply appropriate security policies.

Network security IT management outsourcing from Proxar minimises both internal and external threats to your data and business process integrity. It will also provide you with the highest levels of security on your network.

IT Management Outsourcing Conclusion

There are many different reasons to outsource your IT management. The benefits include predictable costs, easy upgrades and management changes, in addition to high levels of service and support. Contact us today to discuss your IT challenges. And you’ll discover that there are many ways to reduce the time and stress associated with IT support and service delivery.