Cisco Nexus Services

Cisco Nexus Consultancy

Are you looking for qualified engineering resources that are capable of services in both design and deployment as they relate to the renowned Cisco datacentre technology, Nexus? If you are, then you have found the right consultancy here at Proxar, as we are able to provide specialists that are highly qualified and that possess a […]

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Cisco Nexus Management

When you invest in the Cisco Nexus platform for your firm, you will naturally expect many benefits to your company, and indeed, the NX-OS operating system and interface give you access to a host of new features and functionality. Nonetheless, the platform will still need to be managed appropriately by network engineers. This may be […]

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Cisco Nexus Support

Nexus and NX-OS may be a combination of hardware and features that is incredibly difficult to match, but there’s also no denying that you’ll still need appropriate support for both. This is where Proxar comes in, as our UK based engineers can provide the highest standard of proactive monitoring, informed by long-standing expertise. Whether you […]

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