Advanced Network Support

Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we offer all of the advanced network support you need to make sure your network remains up and running. We’ll fix your IT problems in a prompt and professional way. And regardless of how complex and highly utilised your network is, we can simplify your network security deployment and management.

In addition to this, we’ll maximize both your network security and performance. You’ll find our advanced network support invaluable if your data centre environment is high-end. And especially if your network requires critical performance and availability.

Advanced Network Support Services

With our advanced network support services, we’ll maintain the performance and availability of your network. We do this via features such as ISP redundancy for fault-tolerance and reliability. In addition to QoS prioritisation, which controls latency while guaranteeing bandwidth. We also offer application load balancing. This will manage server workloads when your network traffic reaches high volumes.

Here at Proxar, we specialise in the necessary advanced technologies to give you maximum network security and performance. This includes technologies such as SecureXL, CoreXL and ClusterXL. These have various roles when it comes to accelerating multiple intensive security operations. And they also help to provide load balancing for business continuity.

With our integrated services, you can leverage your existing security infrastructure. And this will save you time and money.

Advanced Network Support Features

One of the features of our advanced network support is advanced routing. This can help you to avoid failures on complex networks that involve multiple autonomous systems. Advanced routing is scalable, secure and fault-tolerant. We also offer multicast protocol support integrated in IP appliances. Or quality of service prioritisation for both encrypted and unencrypted traffic.

Other popular features of our advanced network support services include ISP redundancy. This allows for more reliable internet connectivity, without the need for expensive new networking hardware or specialised knowledge.

And we can also provide flexible server load balancing. This uses one of a range of pre-defined load balancing algorithms to direct connection requests to a specific server. Each incoming connection request is directed to the server that’s dealing with the lightest load. So this prevents any one server from having to handle a disproportionately high traffic volume.

Our advanced network support also features security acceleration, multi-core CPU support and gateway clustering. The latter provides high availability and load sharing so that your businesses can run uninterrupted.


Our advanced network support features are some of the most comprehensive of any IT solutions provider. And we’ll use it to precisely meet your businesses network needs in a cost-effective and professional manner. So contact Proxar IT Support today for more information on how we can meet your firm’s highly specialised network support requirements.