Managed IT Support

At Proxar IT Consulting, we understand that every business has different requirements, ranging from the applications, staff working hours and locations, to the technologies being used.  A lot of IT providers provide a basic support service but typically the costs vary from month to month – this generally is based upon the number of support requests raised over the month, as well as the quantity of users/devices etc.  This is where Proxar IT Consulting is different, we have designed our Managed IT Support Services to be based on the fixed fee contract, without any hidden support costs for IT support services by creating 3 different support tiers (Silver, Gold and Platinum). 

Depending on your business needs, the chosen support tier is inclusive meaning you know exactly how much you will be paying month on month with the only addition being if you require additional users/devices adding to the contract. 

With this method, any project work is also quoted for with a fixed price to avoid any of those unexpected bills once the work is complete, subject to the scope of work remaining the same as compared to the initial proposal. Technology and requirements from the business can change rapidly, even once a project has commenced. As a company policy we are flexible while providing any services to our clients including, but not limited to IT projects and Managed IT Support. As long as there is a mutual understanding that changes to the scope of our services may require new proposal, delay in completing the assignment and it can have an impact on cost, in most cases we can meet our client’s expectations regardless of a short notice and/or difficulty in implementation.  

Some clients may like one of our higher Managed IT Support levels that we provide, but for some users like executive team the highest level of support services can be more suitable – we can tailor the support contract to provide our clients with the customised service to their business. 

Proxar IT Consulting’s Managed IT Support services are ideal for the following types of businesses: 

  • Small/Medium Businesses who are growing or starting and require IT for the first time 
  • Medium/Large Businesses who have an internal IT department but want to utilise IT outsourcing 
  • Medium/Large Businesses with an internal IT department who require help with a specific aspects of IT services 
  • Medium/Large Businesses who outsource their IT but aren’t happy and want to change 

Managed IT Support Tiers (Silver, Gold and Platinum): 

Support & Hours Silver Gold Platinum 
Unlimited E-Mail, Telephone and Remote    
Network Support – Wired and Wireless Networks Included    
24/7 Proactive Monitoring for all Servers, Network Devices and Services    
Documentation of IT Infrastructure    
Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm Support Hours (excluding Bank Holidays)    
Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm Support Hours (excluding Bank Holidays)    
24/7 Support    
Response Time (within 4 hours)    
Response Time (within 2 hours)    
Response Time (within 1 hours)    
Emergency/scheduled On-Site Engineer (up to 1 per month)    
Emergency/scheduled On-Site Engineer (up to 1 per week)    
Maintenance & Backup Schedules Silver Gold Platinum 
Quarterly Server & Desktop Housekeeping (Essential Maintenance, Updates & Cleanup)    
Every other month Server & Desktop Housekeeping (Essential Maintenance, Updates & Cleanup)    
Monthly Server & Desktop Housekeeping (Essential Maintenance, Updates & Cleanup)    
Local and Online Backup Maintenance    
Advanced Support Silver Gold Platinum 
Network Support for Firewalls, Wireless APs, Routers    
Advanced Networking – Including VPN, NPS, RADIUS    
Advanced Network Diagrams    
Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning    
Management of Existing Warranties with Hardware Vendors    
Management of Existing Warranties with Software Vendors    
Liaise with Existing 3rd Party Software Providers    
Disaster Recovery Planning    
Consultancy & Reporting Silver Gold Platinum 
Monthly Reports of IT Infrastructure    
Consultancy on IT Strategy    
Provide Advice and Guidance on new technologies from Hardware & Software Vendors    
Optional Extras 
Emergency/scheduled On-site Engineer (with additional up to 2 visits per month) 
Dedicated Account Manager Primary Contact to liaise with 
Weekend Scheduled Server & Desktop Housekeeping (Essential Maintenance, Updates & Clean up) 

Switching IT Support service provider 

Proxar IT Consulting recognises that understanding your infrastructure is of the upmost importance to us as part of Managed IT Support, this will not only enable us to provide the best possible service, it will also enable us to provide the best possible user experience beginning straight from day one. 

In order for us to achieve that objective, we are of the opinion that all existing IT supported duties provided by the outgoing provider should be onboarded to Proxar’s team from first day of the IT support contract, in addition this will also result in all staff knowing from day one where any IT related issues should be raised eliminating the confusion for whom/where to escalate issues. This is of course subject to being physically possible to achieve and also dependent on the agreed IT Support contract. 
Our onboarding process consists of 5 stages: 
Stage 1 – (Support package): Proxar IT Consulting provide a proposal containing a summary, the scopes of what is supported, support tier comparisons and costs.  The proposal is reviewed, any questions are answered and a support tier is chosen and accepted by the client  

Stage 2 – (Contract): Proxar IT Consulting will send over a contract containing terms and conditions, as well as what is supported and costs which needs to be signed and returned 

Stage 3 – (Serve Notice): A provisional date for go live should be chosen (where applicable, termination period from the leaving IT provider should be taken into account). The leaving IT provider should be served notice 

Stage 4 – (Preparation for onboarding): Proxar IT Consulting will provide an ‘onboarding document’ which the leaving provider should attempt to complete to make the onboarding a smoother transition.  Admin account access to the infrastructure (servers, workstations, network devices – routers/firewalls/switches/load balancers etc) should be granted and credentials should be provided to ensure sufficient access is available.  Confirmation for Go live  

Stage 5 – (Go Live) : Proxar IT Consulting will be onsite for Go live to aid with any problems and to create documentation for the ongoing support of the site(s).    

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