Red Hat Linux

Linux is a popular and powerful, cost-effective operating system that’s used to run web servers, mail servers and databases. And here at Proxar IT, we have many “ad hoc” and contractual support solutions on offer. So this is ideal if your firm is one of the many that requires a high standard of Red Hat Linux support.

Red Hat Linux Support

Our high level of Red Hat Linux knowledge and experience allows us to provide the best quality support and maintenance for your Red Hat Linux systems. As a result, your firm will have up-to-date software. Which will deliver maximum, consistent performance and security that’s perfectly suited to your business needs.

When it comes to Red Hat Linux support, you’ll want the company you choose to have the greatest passion, knowledge and experience with Red Hat Linux systems. And sure enough, here at Proxar IT, our support is proficient in a wide range of Linux network and server technologies.

Our Red Hat Linux Support Skills

We can set up your Red Hat Linux system, maintain an existing installation, or provide a range of other on-going support. Our support team consists of dedicated programmers and developers. And they can help you to modify your existing infrastructures and software or even develop custom applications.

Whatever service you choose, you can be assured of our commitment to the very latest Red Hat Linux security and other technologies. This is all part of a cost-effective support service that’s built around your company’s needs.

Red Hat Linux Services

If you want us to deploy Red Hat Linux systems for your business, you might want to consider that we also offer Red Hat Linux services. And this includes things such as remote administration and security and system hardening. In addition to security assessments and desktop support.

We can also help you with recovery and backup solutions, upgrades and hardware solutions. In addition to printer and peripheral support, debugging and problem solving

You can also make use of our extensive knowledge in areas such as assessment, installation and database, mail and firewall servers. As well as authentication servers, complete testing and more. 

Additionally, our Linux administration expertise encompasses routine performance checks and log analysis. As well as user and system permissions. And software support, installation, customisation and compiling.

Our development team can make the most of the versatility of Red Hat Linux to deliver custom distributions and installers. They can also assist with scripting and programming as well as desktop applications and database development.

Emergency Red Hat Linux Support

We can also provide Red Hat Linux support on an emergency basis. Which will grant you immediate and direct access to professional and skilled engineers who can fix your problem. Thus, we can minimise any damaging downtime.

We can provide this support via remote access, or we can arrange an on-site visit. Either way, we’ll provide you with the full range of support services, covering areas such as:

  • Users and Group Management
  • System Commands and File Permissions
  • File System Failures and Software Installations
  • Performance Management and Security
  • Software Management
  • Crash Diagnostics and Recovery
  • Boot Processes and Printer Management

Understandably, we reserve the most immediate support for our contract clients. However, if you need us for ‘one-off’ support, we can still provide you with a rapid response to your query.


So get in touch with our highly capable and professional Red Hat Linux support team today. Whatever you require in terms of Red Hat Linux support, we’ll provide responsive, effective and competitively-priced technical support. Which will keep your systems fully operational and functional. Thus, they’ll deliver the best possible performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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