IT Support West Kent

When you’re running a small to medium-sized organisation, there are always factors distracting you, and your personnel, from the core business. In fact, smaller firms, employing between 10 and 250 people, are more stretched in terms of resources. And they’re less likely to have an IT department of their own. This is the same for companies based in West Kent, as it is for those across London and the rest of the UK. So if you’re looking for IT support in West Kent, you’ve come to the right place.

Proxar IT Support in West Kent

If you run a small to medium business in West Kent, you may find yourself regularly distracted by information technology issues. And problems with your company IT systems can damage short-term and long-term productivity and profitability. So this makes it important to have the right IT support in place.

But fear not, if you’re looking for IT support in West Kent, you can turn to Proxar IT and our support services. This way, you can look forward to more secure, highly available systems that are kept in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to dealing with IT problems. So this makes us a leading choice when it comes to choosing IT support in West Kent. With our support, you can avoid potentially crippling IT issues. Because we’ll identify and resolve them even before your own team has become aware of them.

Why Proxar IT are Leaders When it Comes to IT Support in West Kent

Not only are our engineers experienced and well-informed, but our whole service has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your company. This lets us consistently fix IT issues before they become critical. Our IT support in West Kent is specifically designed around the requirements of small to medium-sized companies. And we offer a range of services including on-site support and remote support. In addition to desktop support and managed IT support.

Furthermore, we listen carefully to your requirements so that we can tailor our IT support package to suit your needs. We will collaborate with you and your business to gain a full understanding of your requirements. And we’ll discuss with you the options that are most suitable for a particular problem or need. We’ll give you the most informed advice on what step to take next, but you’ll retain the freedom to make the final decisions.

We don’t just do what we think is right for your company’s IT systems. We also aim to give you the benefit of the most encompassing IT support in West Kent. So that whatever you require us to do, we can do it to the highest standard.

All Encompassing IT Support in West Kent

Another good reason to choose Proxar IT for your IT support in West Kent is the sheer breadth and depth of our knowledge. It covers many different software platforms and infrastructures. This is why small to medium-sized businesses across the county value Proxar IT Support.

Our support service is robust when it comes to data centre network support. We have a data centre rack management service for example. With this, you can order your devices and cables in the rack. We also have a proven track record when it comes to data centre network monitoring and management.

Our IT network support service encompasses network security management and network monitoring. So you won’t need to fret about the security, performance, reliability and management of your network.

We also have a good reputation when it comes to Windows Server support services and incorporating the likes of Small Business Server and Active Directory support. As well as this, we offer support for other Microsoft software, such as Office, Exchange and SQL Server. And our clients also trust us to deliver the best-qualified Blackberry, Sage and Red Hat system support.


For the ultimate in IT support, contact us at Proxar IT Support today. We can give you more information about the immeasurable difference we can make to your firm’s IT operations. If you have a small or medium-sized business, then choose Proxar IT Consulting for the most flexible and comprehensive IT support in West Kent.

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