IT Support in Surrey

Small to medium sized firms in Surrey always have certain ongoing issues to potentially distract employees from their core responsibilities –  with IT problems often being at the forefront. After all, if you are such a firm, whether you employ just 10 staff or as many as 250, your resources may not stretch to an IT department of your own, or you may have just one man on the job who lacks specialist expertise in the latest software platforms.

It’s why so many of these small to medium sized companies choose Proxar IT Consulting as their IT support provider. We have one office in central London and another in Sevenoaks, Kent, which leaves us geographically well-placed to serve your most pressing needs in IT support Surrey – whether there is ongoing work that you would like us to carry out such as upgrades and maintenance, or there is a one-off technical problem that requires rapid resolution.

IT support that integrates seamlessly with your business

You might imagine that finding the right provider of IT support Surrey is about finding the right expertise and experience, and in many ways, that is absolutely true. It’s why our engineers here at Proxar IT Support are well-equipped to give you all of the vital data centre solutions, for example, encompassing installation, configuration and troubleshooting. It also explains our knowhow in Microsoft software support from Microsoft Office to SQL Server, in addition to our highly regarded support for Red Hat, Blackberry and Sage systems – to name just some areas of strength.

But here at Proxar IT Support, we know that the right IT support in Surrey is about so much more than simply imparting knowledge, or even identifying and fixing issues after they have already caused your business considerable damaging downtime and disruption. The best services are so much more proactive services, involving the pinpointing and resolution of issues by the most skilled and seasoned engineers, even before the problems become serious enough to be noticed by your own team.

Certainly, we do not believe in allowing such IT problems to have a critical impact on your company before they are properly addressed – which explains our IT support in Surrey seamlessly integrating with your own operations to ensure that such issues are only ever dealt with rapidly and efficiently.

IT support Surrey that covers every area

When you engage Proxar IT Support’s services, you can be sure that there will be no gaps in our knowledge, and no delays to your system being kept fully operational, highly available and secure on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis. The sheer depth of our knowledge allows us to provide such data centre services as rack management, network management and network monitoring, for example.

As a Surrey small business owner, you can trust Proxar IT Support to supply services in IT support Surrey that are perfectly tailored to your own organisation’s needs. Such services could include IT network support ensuring that your network remains completely available, safe and well-managed, incorporating the likes of network monitoring, network security management, network device support and Internet connectivity support.

Or why not call upon our extensive Windows Server and Microsoft software support services encompassing areas like Microsoft Small Business Server, Microsoft Active Directory support, Microsoft Exchange support and SQL Server support? Or perhaps your business has issues with Blackberry, Sage or Red Hat that could do with our expert attention?

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Benefit from the services in IT support Surrey of a company that is able to assist with every aspect of your small to medium sized company’s information technology. Get in touch with us now about our efficient, well-priced and high quality service.

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