IT Support Package ‘Gold’

If you are currently benefitting from such features of our Basic IT support package as proactive monitoring for all servers, unlimited email, telephone and remote and the highest quality business hours support, but wish that you could have shorter response times and more frequent server and desktop housekeeping, then you may be interested in our Gold IT support package. That’s because such a package brings you all of these extra benefits and many more, albeit while lacking some of the most exclusive features – such as support on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis – that distinguish our range-topping Platinum IT support package.

The Gold IT support package not only offers all of the features of our highly rated Basic package, such as network support including both wired and wireless networks and documentation of IT infrastructure, but also improves on them and adds further features that may be integral to the successful operation of your IT systems. It is this IT support package, after all, that includes bi-monthly, rather than merely quarterly server and desktop housekeeping, including essential updates, maintenance and cleanup. Also included in the Gold IT support package is a faster response time of two hours and the option of on-site engineer visits of up to two days a week – rather than the one day limit of the Basic package. Choosing our Gold IT support package over the Basic one also brings you support from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, as well as local and online backup maintenance and network support including VPN. Finally, our Gold IT package customers also get to benefit from an annual review and consultancy on IT strategy, monthly reports on IT infrastructure, the management of existing warranties from both hardware and software vendors and even the ability to liaise with existing third party software providers.

These features help to make the Gold IT support package the optimum one for a sizable proportion of our customers. It gives them a solution that incorporates many of the more and less essential elements of IT support so that their systems can be more secure and operate more effectively, while they spend more time focussing on their core businesses.

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