Adhoc Hourly Support Packages

At Proxar, IT support is at our core, supporting businesses of all sizes with our monthly rolling packages. It is our strong belief that the quality of service we provide to all of our clients is second to none. Therefore we do not tie our clients down to long term support contracts. Our focus is instead on providing the best service possible. We find that this is the reason behind our many recurring support clients.

We do however appreciate that not all businesses may be in a position to commit to an ongoing support contract. For that reason so we have introduced our adhoc support bundles. This allows new clients to purchase a bundle of hours for a set fee. These hours are then available for the client to log support tickets. Every ticket will be logged and recorded against any hours remaining on your package. These packages only cover remote support, any site visits or supplementary projects will be invoiced separately.

Service desk

Taking out an adhoc support contract with us entitles you to log issues with our helpdesk. For adhoc support there is no guaranteed response time available. We have a commitment to our monthly support contract clients, as such those tickets will take priority when allocating resource.

When you log an issue with our service desk, your ticket will be logged by first line support engineers. They will troubleshoot the issue and in most cases they will be able to resolve for you. Should your issue require further expertise it will progress through our support structure to second line and third line accordingly.

For adhoc support our service desk hours are 9 – 5.30 Monday – Friday excluding bank holidays. Any adhoc support issues raised outside of these hours will be logged and troubleshooting will begin the next business day.


Our team are constantly looking for ways to improve our clients’ experience. As such there may be occasions where our engineers recommend a change to your infrastructure. Any such changes will incur a cost to implement as a standalone project. We will provide you with our reasoning including benefits and any considerations and a quote to complete the work. These are only recommendations and ultimately whether to proceed will be wholly your decision.

Proxar will also keep track of hours used from your package, and where we deem that a support contract will be more cost-effective to you, we will recommend you moving across at the end of your existing package.

Contact us to discuss the adhoc support packages available to you.