Ad-Hoc Support Services

If you want your firm to have maximum productivity and minimal downtime then your IT hardware and software must work all of the time without interruption. And often, you’ll end up focusing on this rather than the business. Inevitably, problems with business IT systems do occur. And when they do, you’ll be thankful for our ad-hoc IT services support delivered by our seasoned and highly professional experts here at Proxar.

Proxar Ad-Hoc IT Services Support

For one reason or another, maybe it’s financial, some companies don’t have a managed IT support contract. And in this situation, on-demand support s can be invaluable. This is effectively a ‘pay as you go’ solution that’s reactive rather than pre-emptive in nature. And here at Proxar, we offer ad-hoc IT support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we charge for this on an hourly basis.

Ad-Hoc IT Services Support vs Contract Support

You can call upon our ad-hoc 24/7 IT support services to help you with the many problems that we cover under our contract. However, there are several key differences with ad-hoc services.

Firstly, ad-hoc support does not cover preventative maintenance. Our ad-hoc services will only work to solve the problem once you’ve told us about it. Unlike with our contract packages, our ad-hoc IT support services do not detect potential problems before they arise. And this is because we don’t monitor your system.

Unfortunately, by the time you notice a problem, there may have already been a disaster. And this is why we only recommend ad-hoc IT support to those that solely run workstations. We highly recommend maintenance contracts if your firm runs on a server based system.

Ad-Hoc IT Services Support Standards

Our ad-hoc, 24/7 IT support services are also characterised by a lower response time. Although we offer a high standard of support to all of our customers, we have a far greater obligation to our contract clients. Thus, we aim to resolve their problems first. But regardless of this, you’ll still have access to the same highly capable and dedicated engineers.

Another benefit is that with it you can manage your costs better, as they arise. This is a big advantage for small companies that only use our services occasionally.

We charge by the hour for our ad-hoc 24/7 IT support services, with no minimum contract obligation. So this means that you only pay for our services if and when you need them. You also have the option to upgrade, at any time, to one of our contract options.


Whatever issues you have, you can turn to our ad-hoc IT services support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance. Until you’re ready to upgrade to a managed IT contract, ad-hoc services are invaluable. With our ad-hoc service, you can be sure that we’ll fix your firm’s IT problems swiftly, in a professional and cost-effective manner.

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