IT Support and Services in London

With its office in central London, Proxar IT Support – a trading name of Proxar Ltd – is well-placed to provide comprehensive IT support services to clients in the capital. London has a great number of small to medium sized companies with often complicated IT support requirements, but the engineers of Proxar IT Support have the specialised knowhow and experience to meet those needs with aplomb.

You may have a data centre for which installation, configuration and troubleshooting solutions are needed to ensure the continued optimum performance, or you may be on the lookout for IT network support services which are comprehensive and flexible and that help to keep your network running. We also have the resources to provide Windows Server support services that are tailored around the requirements of small to medium sized firms, as well as Microsoft software support services and support for such platforms as Office 365, Red Hat and Sage.

All of the IT support in central London that we offer is integrated seamlessly with your firm, with problems being fixed with speed and efficiency. Indeed, you won’t even notice many of the issues that arise, given our ability to identify and address them before they develop to a critical level. The result is an IT system that is kept operational, secure and highly available, freeing up your vital employees to concentrate on those day-to-day core responsibilities.

There is no IT problem that cannot be identified and tackled by our experienced and skilled team in IT support London.

SMB support, data centre network support, IT network support and more

Whether your firm employs 10 individuals or 250, as long as it is a small to medium sized company, it can benefit immeasurably from Proxar IT Support’s tailored IT support in central London. Our expertise encompasses the likes of remote support, on-site support, desktop support and managed IT support. We help both the smallest companies that lack the resources for an IT department of their own, and the medium sized firms that need certain tasks carried out on their data centre.

Or what if you require comprehensive data centre network support? Ensure that the cables and devices in your racks are neatly organised and ordered with our data centre rack management service, or ask about our services in data centre network management and data centre network monitoring. Our IT support London incorporates data centre support on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis, meaning that your network is highly available and will work nonstop. Even if a problem does arise with your data centre, we will be aware of it and will swiftly deal with it.

It’s also imperative to ensure that your IT network is available on a 24/7 basis, as well as safe and well-managed. That’s why you may also contact us about our services in network security management, network monitoring, network device support and Internet connectivity support.

From Windows Server support to Blackberry and Sage support

Those small to medium sized companies looking for a good standard of IT support in central London should also be reassured by our considerable knowledge and experience in Windows Server support, encompassing Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Active Directory Support and Microsoft Small Business Server. We also offer Microsoft software support covering such areas as Microsoft Office support, Microsoft Exchange support and SQL Server support.

Proxar IT Support can also support and maintain your Red Hat/CentOS systems and provide associated network management and security support. Or why not have your Blackberry or Sage systems updated, upgraded or set up? Our support and troubleshooting services for these platforms, as with the rest of our services in IT support London, are designed around the exact requirements of your organisation, with the widest range of problems being dealt with quickly and efficiently.