Network Operation Centre 24/7

The right Network Operation Centre is vital to your company in maximising uptime and ensuring that your IT equipment and technology work all of the time, every time. In a world of rapidly changing networks, you’ll be thankful for a Network Operation Centre that has been designed with the latest developments in mind, providing a high standard of 24/7 IT support so that any problems are identified and even resolved before you actually know about it. Here at Proxar IT Support, we can provide you with the benefit of our own 24/7 Network Operation Centre that has been in operation since early 2011, and which is operated by highly qualified consultants. We very much specialise in the new type of Network Operation Centre, in a world in which firms have mission critical services and applications that they need to run on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis.

By making use of the 24/7 network support offered by our own Network Operation Centre, which follows the ITIL v3 rules and with regard to security aspects follows PCI DSS guidelines, you can ensure that your network infrastructure really does stay up and running, 24/7. Our Network Operation Centre provides monitoring, management, supervision and maintenance of network infrastructure, which is certainly a more cost-effective, efficient and reliable solution for many companies with single or multi-site data centre presence. We specialise in various networks and operating systems, particularly Cisco hardware and Red Hat/CentOS Linux operating systems, with each client having an individual group set up for them on our monitoring platform. This allows us to better monitor the performance, security and availability of various services and devices. Our Network Operation Centre’s full range of benefits include full or partial network management or maintenance, on-site and/or remote support, network security support, network and systems upgrades and updates management, 24/7 monitoring and performance/capacity graphs and monthly reporting. The 24/7 IT support services also include incident management, change control management and regular information security audits.

The Network Operation Centre of Proxar IT Support is one that offers more flexibility in an era that demands less rigid and predictable business practices and approaches to IT support. Your team retains access to all devices and even has the option to have a new network designed based on some of your current equipment. You also get to benefit from high quality 24/7 IT support services, a high level of security and a prompt response time, varying from 5 minutes to the next business day. You can also receive platform notifications by text message, courtesy of a Nagios and Cacti based custom monitoring solution that can be adjusted to meet your reporting, monitoring and alerting needs.  For more information please contact us

24/7 Network Operation Centre London, Sevenoaks and Kent – Proxar IT Support.