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With your data centre being the engine that powers your whole business, it is vital to ensure that it continues to deliver the highest levels of performance. Here at Proxar IT Support, we offer comprehensive data centre support services that allow you to resolve problems with power, cooling and space while reducing costs. Whether you require management, maintenance or other on-going services for your data centre infrastructure, you can expect us to provide you with the highest standard of relevant IT support.

As is the case with our wide range of IT support services, our highly regarded data centre support services allow for the quick and efficient resolution of any issues with your data centre infrastructure, even before you are aware of them. Our engineers know how to provide the best support for your data centre network, with expertise in installing, configuring, troubleshooting and providing power and cooling solutions for data centres. We can help with all aspects of your data centre infrastructure, with our data centre management expertise, for example, allowing you to have a neat and organised order created of all of the rack’s devices and cables.

Our cost-effective data centre support services help to ensure that your data centre infrastructure remains stable and resilient, and include many different broad areas of expertise, including remote server support and administration, virtualisation and storage solutions, application migration and development, database management and more. We provide services in data centre management encompassing infrastructure management, audits, project management and more, which means that you can receive assistance with everything from network, asset and change management to racking and stacking and visual inspection.

Also available is help with data centre maintenance, covering all aspects of pre and post sales technical support, repair and maintenance. We also possess a high level of expertise in the design and installation of the most critical data centre infrastructure, covering such operational aspects as power, cooling, accommodation, management and security. Finally, we can even carry out efficiency and organisation audits, assessing your current facility and needs and providing independent advice and recommendations.

With data centre management and maintenance services from us as part of a wider range of data centre support services, you can have a data centre up and running that is highly available and that will work on a nonstop basis. In the event that something does go wrong, we will have an IT support team rapidly on the case that is able to resolve the issue so that there is no compromise in terms of your firm’s productivity.

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