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With ever-increasing storage needs, many organisations are moving away from traditional file servers to more sophisticated Storage Area Network solutions, which are made up of a specialised network that enables fast, reliable access among servers and external storage resources.

Whenever a network or server is unavailable, companies suffer a loss both in terms of productivity and potentially in revenue. This makes it critical that data storage be highly available. At the same time, the amount of data that needs to be managed and stored is increasing significantly each year.

Compared to traditional file server solutions, storage area networks offer an effective means to deal with this ever-increasing amount of data, while helping ensure its on-going availability. An added benefit of implementing a Storage Area Network is that you can offload storage-related traffic from your daily network operations. By establishing a direct connection between your storage media and servers, you see an increase in performance as well.

Benefits of Storage Area Networks

Incorporating Storage Area Networks into your business infrastructure will allow you to meet a number of primary business requirements:

  • Effectively meet changing business priorities, application requirements, and revenue growth.
  • Increase performance of long-distance replication, backup, and recovery to meet regulatory requirements as well as industry best practices.
  • Decrease both capital and operating expenses associated with data storage.
  • SAN allows high-speed storage sharing system.
  • SAN increases the network bandwidth and reliability of data I/O.
  • SAN is separated from the regular network system, and has an ability to expand the storage capacity.

Proxar IT Consulting has the knowledge and expertise to offer solutions for intelligent SANs that are designed to be an integral part of your organisation data centre architecture. This provides your business with a better way to access, manage, and protect growing information resources.

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