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IT services

Proxar IT Consulting offers a comprehensive range of IT Services in London, Kent and the South East to support businesses of all sizes. Our IT Consultancy services like Cisco Network Consulting or IT Outsourcing can help your business utilise the benefits of information technology to become more efficient, productive and therefore, more profitable.

Offering cost-effective IT Services, Proxar IT Consulting can deliver a service that will suit your organisation’s needs, regardless of business size or industry sector. We work with you to understand your challenges, then define and implement IT service solutions to meet your individual needs. If data storage is key to your business consider a Storage Area Network (SAN) for example. If system availability is crucial to your business our network monitoring platform can issue an alert, thus preventing a problem.

Cutting information technology expenses, whilst maintaining market position over the competition, is essential. This is why Proxar IT Consulting is focused on providing an IT service that reduces costs, whilst delivering sufficient flexibility and scalability to ensure you survive in an ever changing market and also expand in the future.

We have an extensive experience under IT Network Installation, which combined with IT Network Management and Network Monitoring give us the capacity to design and implement any data centre. Our IT Project Management services guarantee different IT Projects will be delivered on time and with pre-defined resources.

Professional IT Consulting

We offer Professional IT Consulting Services in London for every business type, providing the best possible use of information technology thus improving performance and profitability.
We are available for both short and long contracts as short. Thanks to our UK based Professional IT Consulting services you can rest assured that your IT requirements are in safe hands.
Proxar Ltd specialises in Professional IT Consulting, IT Network Management, Project Planning UK wide, we are based in London and the UK.

Cisco Network Consulting

Cisco Network Consulting allows you to take advantage of experienced engineers that are able to provide IT Solutions and IT guidance for Network Design, Device Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting and Maintenance.
Our team can provide advice and solutions for all problem related to Cisco Networking. Under Data Centre Cisco Network Consulting we are able to carry out Installation and Configuration of Cisco devices such as Firewalls and Load Balancers.

Network Monitoring

Advanced network monitoring can alert your network management team about system problems, lost network connections, crashed servers, power outages, virus or malware infections and other issues. A network monitoring system is an invaluable part of your infrastructure, as it sounds the alarm when something is wrong.
We have built our own monitoring platform based on Red Hat Linux, open-source software and Cisco Network devices. Therefore, we can provide you with Network Monitoring focused IT Consulting Services.

IT Outsourcing

Proxar IT Consulting’s IT Outsourcing Service can assist in finding the correct balance between technology and requirements.
With a wide technical skill base we can support your business requirements irrespective of the technology chosen. You will find that our IT Outsourcing Service is able to provide any business with an IT infrastructure focused on the technology you need rather than the technology you can afford, while still maintaining Security, Flexibility and Scalability.

Cisco Nexus Services

Cisco Nexus Consultancy services will help your business to obtain an ad-hoc access to experience of professional IT consultancy company.
Our 27/4 support and monitoring services allow our clients to ensure that downtime is kept to minimum
Cisco Nexus technology is available in a range of our network management services
Overlay Transport Virtualisation (OTV) consulting can help you to interconnect multiple data centres on a layer 2

IT Network Management

Expert IT Network Management and Maintenance is essential to accomplish any project for Data Centre Network Design and Implementation. IT Network Management Services cover support and maintenance tasks plus all the necessary changes to the existing data centre environment. Our network services include security (protection from viruses, malware, DDoS and hacking), improved performance and availability.

IT Project Management

Our expert IT Project Management services have advised a number of major organisations in the public and private sectors. We come in on time and on budget headed up by qualified project managers and engineers with years of IT Project Management experience.
Thanks to our IT Project Management you can minimise the project’s technical risk, while being confident everything is working to known and agreed plans and understand issues before they become a barrier.

Storage Area Networks

We can deliver Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions for businesses with different storage requirements providing more sophisticated solutions like: specialised network for fast and reliable access.
Storage Area Networks offer a means to deal with increasing amount of data, while ensuring its on-going availability. It also gives you a convenient option to offload storage-related traffic from daily network operations.

IT Network Installation

Our extensive experience of working with public and private sectors on Data Centre and Server Room Network Installation Projects means we can offer expert IT Network Installation services adjusted to the needs of any business. Thus providing effectiveness, increased reliability, performance and security.
The Proxar IT Consulting’s approach to improvement works on a 4 stage methodology that enables us to improve the IT Services you receive – both based on your IT service prior to engaging us and as part of a continuous service improvement plan once Proxar IT Consulting is appointed to deliver a service:
– Benchmarking
– Continuous Services Improvement Plan (CSIP)
– Customer Satisfaction
– Continued Investment

No matter what contract you require we are available for both the short or the long term, and can improve performance, reliability and scalability of your infrastructure. Proxar IT Consulting combine sound technical knowledge with hands on experience in solving business problems across a wide range of different industry sectors.

Expert IT Services London – Proxar IT Consulting Ltd, UK.

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