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Here at Pro IT Support, we know just how critical it is that your vital business data is kept secure, and that our reputation in the eyes of our client base depends on providing the most secure online backups. Although it is not possible to achieve absolute 100% security, when you choose secure online backups from Proxar IT Support, you can be sure of getting as close to it as it is physically possible to get to such absolutely robust security levels. That's because all secure online backups from us involve, prior to uploading, all files being encrypted through a secure socket layer (SSL) Internet connection.

SSL is a highly reliable means of encryption, being the standard for secure web communications and transfers. It involves client software that has been installed on your computer, as well as server software that is installed on the server, working together to establish a secure connection, with the client computer sending the files. This set of encryption standards also applies to the process of data being sent back to your PC. Data files are stored in the cloud and have further protection added to them to ensure that other parties cannot access them.

Today, secure online backups have never been more safe and secure, and are better at safeguarding your data than an external hard drive sat next to your computer. Secure online backups, precisely because of their isolation from your actual PC, ensure that your data is safe even if a major disaster - such as a fire, flood, hard drive crash or virus - occurs in the office. No matter where you are, and what might have happened to your original data, you have the peace of mind of being able to call upon our secure online backups so that your business can continue to use its files and minimise any costly interruption to its operation.

The stakes are high when it comes to keeping your data safely backed up. A great number of firms that lose their data end up closing down within six months, which provides some perspective for any organisations that have niggling security worries. Firms may be deterred from creating secure online backups if they perceive the process to be too time-consuming or complicated. However, with the options that businesses now often have to perform secure online backups on a regular basis, it's much easier now for backups to occur without the company even having to pay much attention to them. And even if someone was able to tap into the data stream while it was 'en route', the bits would not be decipherable unless they had a copy of the user's decryption key, which is kept apart from the encrypted data.

All of these benefits ensure that secure online backups from Proxar IT Support really are secure, keeping your data available as and when you need it. They are cost-effective for small to medium sized businesses that would be especially adversely affected by any disaster that resulted in the wholesale loss of their data. Our secure online backups can be performed quickly, in a manner that is truly unobtrusive and for an affordable monthly fee that can be easily factored into your budget, which gives your business maximum peace of mind. We combine this enterprise class online backup service with our usual highly responsive and professional customer service.